A standard background check includes properties, vehicles, family members, associates, criminal history, social media names, addresses, etc. Comprehensive reports can also be customized if needing a more thorough investigation. Please fill out the form below to get started.

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CLIENT retains AGENCY to conduct a full comprehensive background check related to the matter at hand. CLIENT agrees to pay all fees and costs hereinafter incurred as a result of this background check. The parties hereby agree that the following background check information has been requested by CLIENT and will be provided by AGENCY in a time and manner to be at the sole discretion of the AGENCY. 

CLIENT as soon as possible* CLIENT expressly acknowledges that AGENCY’S fees for services are NOT contingent on the outcome or results of the above referenced background check. AGENCY MAKES NO WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE RESULTS OF THIS BACKGROUND CHECK. No illegal or unethical services will be knowingly provided by AGENCY and CLIENT certifies that he/she/it is not knowingly requesting any illegal services. AGENCY reserves the right to decline or terminate without advance notice any assignment it deems to be illegal or unethical or in AGENCY’s sole opinion detrimental to AGENCY. AGENCY will perform services in compliance with all state and federal laws, regulations and best practices. 

CLIENT attests that he/she/it has not misrepresented him/herself, his/her company, organization or purpose for requesting the services that AGENCY provides. CLIENT understands that misrepresentation in this agreement, in AGENCY’s sole opinion, may result in civil and criminal action against the CLIENT and/or his organization as well as any and all monies paid to be forfeited. AGENCY reserves the right to refuse service to the CLIENT for any issue of security, safety, unlawful, unethical or immoral reasons. CLIENT further represents that the information provided by the AGENCY shall be used in a lawful manner and that said information will not be used to cause any physical or emotional 2 harm upon the subject of the investigation. CLIENT agrees to and shall indemnify and save harmless the AGENCY, it’s employees and agent(s) from damages, losses, cost and expenses, including any attorney or legal fees, suffered/incurred in connection with or arising out of claims based on investigative results provided to CLIENT. This also includes any civil or criminal actions, claims, third party claims, lawsuits, disciplinary actions, or any losses alleged to be caused by the AGENCY resulting from any activity performed by either CLIENT or AGENCY, except for illegal acts or negligence on the part of the AGENCY, investigators and/or its employees. 

All investigative findings furnished to CLIENT are exclusively for CLIENT’S own use. CLIENT agrees to restrict the dissemination of said findings ONLY to third parties who have a legitimate need to know, and/or authorized by law. CLIENT will hold AGENCY harmless from damages, losses, cost or expenses, including attorney fees, suffered or incurred in connection with arising out of claims based on investigative findings provided to CLIENT, and for which CLIENT fails to keep strictly confidential. AGENCY will keep findings strictly confidential and will not disseminate or release any findings to third parties unless authorized IN WRITING by the CLIENT, or court ordered. 

By signing this Agreement, I as CLIENT hereby personally certify and affirm that the information supplied above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge at this time. I further represent and affirm that I am authorized to order this investigation and financially contract for this assignment.