In today’s increasingly uncertain world, the importance of armed security cannot be overstated. At our firm, we understand the vital role that armed security personnel play in safeguarding schools, businesses, and individuals from potential threats. Our tailored armed security solutions provide peace of mind, offering a proactive defense against any security risks that may arise.

At Covert Results, we offer two distinct options for armed security services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our uniformed approach features highly visible open carry weapons, complemented by our officers’ attire—a collared shirt adorned with custom security badges and patches. Alternatively, our plain clothes option provides a more discreet yet equally professional appearance, with officers wearing black button-up shirts to conceal their weapons from public view. Unsure of which option is best for your situation? Rely on our experts to provide guidance and ensure the optimal plan for enhancing site safety and security.


When it comes to safeguarding your premises, our armed security professionals step in with unparalleled expertise. Let Covert Results be your eyes & ears for your Corporate Conferences, Special Events, Schools, Weddings, Churches, Executive Protection and VIP Services. Plain clothes request is available. With a minimum of 5 hours, our services ensure your peace of mind.

For locations serving alcohol, a minimum of two (2) officers is required to ensure comprehensive protection. Our officers, hailing from active or retired law enforcement and military backgrounds, are available both in uniform and undercover

Ensuring the safety of children in schools is our foremost commitment,
and we are dedicated to providing that peace of mind. With over 25 schools and churches entrusting us, our licensed, well-trained officers oversee the security of students, staff, members, and guests.

✔ Locally owned and operated; full-scale investigations company
✔ Same-day threat analysis & and intel packets on potential threats
✔ Officers have law enforcement and/or military experience
✔ All are Active Shooter, First Aid, and De-Escalation trained
✔ Threat monitoring and alerts

We excel at crafting custom solutions to meet your unique needs. Our expert consultants assess threats, analyze data, and tailor security measures for your specific situation. Whether it’s a home site evaluation, security testing, or active shooter action plans, we provide comprehensive assessments and solutions. Serving residential, business, school, and church sectors, our primary focus is intrusion detection and prevention.

Whether conducting a home site security assessment, testing your current security level by a planned intrusion, or simply drafting a plan for an active shooter scenario, Covert Results will carefully assess your situation and provide solutions specific to your needs.


44% of parents fear for their child’s safety at school

Covert Results is leading the way in Tennessee, specializing in school security assessments, SRO training, intelligence on threats, and more.


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