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Navigating the Shadows with Covert Results

Discover the Safest Dating Sites for 2024

February is the month of love, and after celebrating Valentine's Day, where love is everywhere, let's now talk real. Not all love stories have a fairy-tale ending, as Dominique Robinson discovered on her quest for love. In a world where dating has gone digital, it's crucial to stay informed and secure.

February 14th, 2024|Private Investigator|

The Shocking Story Your Phone’s Search History Can Tell!

Unlock the power of digital intelligence with Covert Results and Cellebrite! Our cutting-edge technology reveals the truth hidden in cell phone searches, helping bring justice to victims and safeguarding the public. Choose transparency, choose efficiency—choose Covert Results for unparalleled expertise in digital investigations.

January 16th, 2024|Investigations|

Why Every Nashville Public School Needs an Armed Guard with a Ballistic Backpack

In the wake of Fox 17 News investigations exposing vulnerabilities in Metro schools, the need for robust security measures has never been more apparent. The tragic incidents at The Covenant School in Nashville underscore the imperative to fortify our educational institutions against mass shooters. Covert Results, a prominent Nashville security company, is taking action.

November 30th, 2023|Security|

The Urgent Need for Armed School Guards: Protecting Our Children in Nashville

Despite the availability of funds, the city faces a shortage of 70 officers, leaving elementary schools especially vulnerable. The stark reality is that our smallest and most vulnerable children are unprotected from potential harm. Founder, Robert Young of Covert Results shares his insights as THE leading security expert in Nashville, TN, about armed guards in Nashville public schools.

November 23rd, 2023|Armed Security|

Cost of Hiring a PI

Hiring a private investigator can be spooky, but don’t fret Covert Results is here to guide you through the best process to obtain peace of mind. In a world where curiosity often collides with the need for information, the services of a private investigator become a valuable resource. However, the burning question for many remains: How much does a private investigator cost? Let's delve into the intricacies of these investigative services and explore the factors that influence their price tags. At Covert Results, we give you our Peace of Mind Promise!

October 31st, 2023|Attorney, Nashville, Private Investigator, Security|

Nashville’s Hidden Issues

In a recent podcast interview with the Nashville Daily Podcast invited Robert Young to discuss his two decades of experience with law enforcement and the private security industry, as well as his involvement in the largest cocaine case in Nashville history and how he is giving back to the community by fighting human trafficking in Middle Tennessee.

October 16th, 2023|Armed Security, Private Investigator, School Security|

You’re Invited! 2nd Annual Benefit to Battle Human Trafficking

Did you know that Tennessee has recorded 152 human trafficking cases, affecting 217 victims? Human trafficking is a grave issue that affects millions worldwide, and at the forefront of this battle is Operation Rose— a nonprofit organization dedicated to actively educating, preventing, and combating human trafficking within the United States. Working diligently, they extend their unwavering support to victims while relentlessly pursuing justice against perpetrators.

August 31st, 2023|Human Trafficking|


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