Advanced Techniques in Private Investigations: Tools and Technology

In the world of private investigations, staying ahead of the curve requires not [...]

Introduction to Private Investigations: The Basics and Importance

Private investigations are a crucial service that helps individuals, businesses, and legal professionals gather information, uncover the truth, and resolve various issues. A private investigator (PI) is a professional hired to conduct inquiries and collect evidence in a discreet and confidential manner. Unlike law enforcement officers, private investigators operate independently, offering their expertise to clients who require specialized investigation services.

You’re Invited! 2nd Annual Benefit to Battle Human Trafficking

Did you know that Tennessee has recorded 152 human trafficking cases, affecting 217 victims? Human trafficking is a grave issue that affects millions worldwide, and at the forefront of this battle is Operation Rose— a nonprofit organization dedicated to actively educating, preventing, and combating human trafficking within the United States. Working diligently, they extend their unwavering support to victims while relentlessly pursuing justice against perpetrators.

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Help us fight Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is a modern problem with achient roots. For centuries, people have been coercing innocent young people to engage in sexual acts. Sex traffickers and predators use force, fraud or coercion to control and manipulate their victims. These instances are a sad reality for many victims. This is the same story of what happened...

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Put a Stop to Human Trafficking

The hospitality industry is one that we all know well. It is a business that provides us with shelter, food, and entertainment when we are away from home for work or pleasure. The idea of visiting a hotel may seem like an innocuous thing to do but there's more than meets the eye in the world of hotels.

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