Finding out your partner is cheating is never easy – but most people would rather know the truth than remain in the dark on their significant other’s infidelity. Many have turned to the help of Covert Results investigators who are highly trained in surveillance and know how to uncover these illicit affairs. After reviewing past cases and experience of our investigators, we have compiled a list of things one should look out for if they believe their spouse is cheating…

  1. Setting their phone to airplane mode. This may seem like a minor detail, but with technology today this could be a red flag. When switching a phone to airplane mode it can give the idea a call was dropped or they lost service. Their phone will not take calls and most importantly you cannot see their location. If you share your location for safety reasons with your partner and they switch to airplane mode it will sever that connection making it seem like they’re still in a place when really they could be anywhere… 

  2. Excessive time on electronic/guarding electronic devices. If your partner is spending an excessive amount of time on their phone or computer it could be a red flag. Especially if they’re over-protective or get angry when you use or even move their device. 

  3. New messaging Apps. There are more ways to contact someone that doesn’t require a text message. WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and many more can be used to communicate and not show up as a text. In the event you believe your partner is cheating, it could be through one of these Apps. 

  4. Different/New Passwords. There are times we all forget our passwords which is why having them automatically populate is very convenient in today’s technology. However, if your partner once was letting their passwords auto populate and now the password has changed or needs to be manually typed in… it could be a red flag. 

  5. Fake Social Media profiles. A good thing about social media is it will ask as your log in which name you would like to log in under. Be sure you check all the names and profiles that have tried to log into Facebook. It could be someone you don’t know or a different profile your partner has created. 

  6. Presence on dating Apps. It may speak for itself but the presence of dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or Grindr could automatically be a red flag. Even more so if someone sees their profile and can deem it active. These are what we would consider absolute clues. 

  7. Lack of communication. This may be one of the hardest things to truly notice. However, a partner in a relationship should have no issues communicating where they’re going, what time they’ll be home, and where they’ve been. Be careful of a partner deflecting these questions to make the conversation about you. 

  8. The Sudden “new.” This sudden change could be anything. A new friend they spend constant time with, a new hobby that takes up the majority of their time and attention, or even a sudden interest in change. That could be a new haircut or gym membership. These changes may seem subtle and as if your partner is bettering themselves which is why this clue may be hard to catch. A red flag with sudden change is if they incorporate you in that new activity. If they don’t want you to be part of their new hobby, membership, or even friendship.. It could mean they’re pulling away. 

Although people are different from all walks of life, these are some aspects that Covert Results Investigators have come across. The best way to be sure is to hire a professional to help investigate the situation. Covert Results has conducted thousands of hours of surveillance. Hiring experts in surveillance could take some stress off you and get to the truth. All you would need to do is be prepared for what truth may come to light. 

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