A skilled private investigator can easily manage a wide range of investigations. At Covert Results our private investigators have extensive training and decades of experience. Reasons for hiring a private investigator are endless but hiring an experienced investigator remains the most effective way to resolve a complex issue, all while saving time and money. Regardless of the complexity, the team at Covert Results will give full, undivided, and unbiased attention to each and every case.


A case analysis or audit is a thorough, deep dive into the evidence that will be presented to a client. A licensed Private Investigator with Covert Results will fully examine all available evidence as well as investigate further leads in an effort to seek the truth. Once completed, a detailed report will be provided to the client with the findings.

✔ Audits
✔ Expert testimony
✔ State & Federal
✔ Discovery Review
✔ Civil & Criminal
✔ Title III/Wiretaps
✔ Preliminary review
✔ Trial Prep

Preliminary review: As an attorney, how often do you find yourself landing a case and then having to conduct a hearing by the end of the week? Hire Covert Results to work efficiently in gathering detailed files to assist you in preparing for your case. From the moment your client is arrested, to the date of the court hearing, we will investigate the charge to ensure you have the questions needed to adequately represent your client. Let Covert Results do your research, leaving you more time for your client.

Amplify your scope, allowing for a deeper insight into your case: your lead investigator will run the operation, gather facts, assemble the team of investigators, collect and compile evidence from the team, upload evidence to a digital case file, and complete detailed reports.

✔ Asset Recovery
✔ Missing Persons
✔ Counter Surveillance
✔ Intelligence Gathering
✔ Undercover Investigations
✔ Locate Witnesses

The minimum team size for physical surveillance is two (2) Investigators (Covert Results has the authority to add investigators based on the operation). There will be a five (5) hour minimum for each requested day of surveillance. Additional investigators can be added at an additional rate.

Pricing starts for twenty (20) investigative hours where a high-definition camera with remote transmission capability is deployed on/at the target location or desired area and remains active 24/7. After the collection period, which may be weeks, the camera(s) will be recovered and data will be reviewed. All data will be stored and pertinent data placed in the client’s digital case file.

Remote camera surveillance cases can be customized per the client’s request.

All state and federal laws will apply.

This service is customized based on individual needs. All state and federal laws will apply to this type of surveillance. There are only a few instances where a GPS tracker can be applied legally.

Please CLICK HERE for more information on GPS tracking.

Uncover the truth with our licensed private investigators. From criminal to civil cases or tracking individuals, our expert investigators have you covered. Your lead investigator will guide you to peace of mind.

Complex cases, such as a wiretaps, require hundreds or thousands of investigative hours even before the case begins. There are many moving parts of a complex investigation, and our professionals have extensive investigative experience in working all aspects of a case.

✔ Title III / Wire-taps
✔ Money Laundering
✔ Narcotics
✔ Courtroom Testimony
✔ Suspicious Deaths
✔ GPS Tracking
✔ White-Collar Crimes
✔ Phone Toll Analysis
✔ Overdose Deaths
✔ Financial Investigations

Seek Cover Results to meet your client’s needs and uncover facts to address your most difficult cases.

These are the issues that most will avoid, but they linger around, creating problems that will never go away.

✔ Adultery
✔ Infidelity
✔ Divorce
✔ Child Custody

Whether it’s following that cheating partner or helping a parent fight for what is right, Covert Results will assign a dedicated, hard-working and empathetic investigator to meet your clients needs.

With a meticulous approach, we sweep through your premises, utilizing advanced equipment to detect any signals, transmissions, or anomalies that could compromise your privacy. Industry Standard is Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TCSM) or also known as “bug-sweep”.

Unveil the hidden potential of your digital realm with us. This service is your key to unlocking vital data from devices. A minimum of 10 hours, we retrieve crucial insights, provided you have the device passcode. We utilize Cellebrite, the same software used by Local, State, and Federal Authorities.

The intricacies of expert testimony demands personalized attention. In preparation for court proceedings, we conduct a face-to-face meeting between you and our seasoned expert. With a minimum commitment of 4 hours, our expert testimony service is designed to deliver the clarity and confidence you need when it matters most.

Billed at one hundred dollars ($100) per hour for one licensed and experienced private investigator and drone pilot to develop a flight plan and execute an operation within state laws. This service is customized and will require tedious planning.

Here at Covert Results, our experienced investigators are trained to use proven interview techniques such as REID and PEACE to help you sort through the facts and determine the fiction from the non-fiction.

✔ Jail Interview
✔ Witness Interview
✔ Victim Interview
✔ Suspect Interrogation

Leave it to the experienced investigators of Covert Results who have conducted thousands of interviews to knock on doors, track those witnesses down, or visit the correctional facility to complete a thorough interview.

For subpoena service, we suggest reaching out to local authorities first. Should their efforts prove ineffective, we’re here to assist you. Our approach encompasses a comprehensive view, guaranteeing outcomes you can rely on.

Process servers are needed in an assortment of tasks, typically serving law firms or individuals with legal documents and document retrieval. The ultimate goal is to deliver or “serve” legal documents to an intended person involved in a court case.

✔ Writs
✔ Subpoenas
✔ Summons
✔ Complaints

After serving any legal documents, Process Servers at Covert Results will deliver proof that legal papers were properly served.

This is the biggest problem that Corporate America faces today. Every year businesses lose millions of dollars as a result of criminal acts. At Covert Results we have investigators with thousands of hours of surveillance experience and that can come in handy when following a thief or videotaping an employee cheating the system.

✔ Insurance
✔ Employee Theft
✔ Workers Comp
✔ Individual
✔ Corporate
✔ Fraud
✔ Loss Control
✔ Embezzlement
✔ Larceny
✔ Construction Security Assessments
✔ Commercial & Residential Construction Security

Our investigators, with decades of experience, are thorough in their research and ask pertinent questions to meet your client’s needs. Covert Result’s Investigators use traditional methods along with modernized techniques to uncover the truth. The comprehensive report includes properties, vehicles, family members, associates, criminal history, social media names, addresses, etc.

✔ Comprehensive Check
✔ Criminal History
✔ Pre-Employment Screening
✔ Child & Elder care
✔ Dating
✔ Family
✔ Tenant
✔ Adoption
✔ Estate

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A standard background check includes properties, vehicles, family members, associates, criminal history, social media names, addresses, etc. Comprehensive reports can also be customized if needing a more thorough investigation.


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