Advanced Techniques in Private Investigations: Tools and Technology

In the world of private investigations, staying ahead of the curve requires not [...]

Introduction to Private Investigations: The Basics and Importance

Private investigations are a crucial service that helps individuals, businesses, and legal professionals gather information, uncover the truth, and resolve various issues. A private investigator (PI) is a professional hired to conduct inquiries and collect evidence in a discreet and confidential manner. Unlike law enforcement officers, private investigators operate independently, offering their expertise to clients who require specialized investigation services.

The Importance of Running Intelligence for School and Church Security

The Importance of Running Intelligence for School and Church Security Hey ther [...]

Tenant Background Checks

Today, landlords need to be more careful than ever. Since the beginning of COVID the laws have caused a lot of squatters issues but landlords need to know exactly who is living on their property at all times. Background checks have become necessary with potential renters. Covert Results investigators have the ability to run these comprehensive checks on potential leaseholders that may be moving on to your property. We also have first hand experience where a landlord did not run a background check and ended up losing money and dealing with vandalized property.

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