Steeplechase Security

Covert Results has had the pleasure to work many large events with various planners, coordinators, and venues in the Middle Tennessee area. When we were asked to be the security company for the Iroquois Steeplechase 2021, we knew exactly what to do. For the 2021 Iroquois Steeplechase event held on Saturday June 26, 2021, Covert Results was contracted for security services through Volunteer State Horsemen’s Foundation (VSHF) and Evolution Event Solutions to provide armed security, by off-duty law enforcement officers and Covert Results staff, for the major event.

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Better Background Checks

Things are starting to open back up. There will be new jobs, new opportunities and a chance for the economy to start to build back. New faces will start to appear in response to your job postings. The process for these applications will need to begin by assessing qualifications and seeing what type of person is in your office. Background checks should be done every time a new hire is considered. But, how are your background checks being  administered? What information is truly being gathered by your system in place? Many people don’t put references down that would speak poorly of them, and former employers can only verify employment. What information is truly being gathered? Covert Results has done the research and has firsthand experience on how to administer a quality background check.

Gone Phishing?

The beginning of 2020 has been no joke for our Nashville family. From tornadoes to the Coronavirus, our Tennesseans have been hit with a one-two punch. Although we have been asked to quarantine, Covert Results is urging everyone to still be smart. In this time of need it’s easy to miss things and fall victim to scams. Covert Results has compiled a few scams that have been highlighted in the news, along with our own personal experiences.

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Interactive Gun Training is taught by retired undercover Metro Officers with over Twenty-five (25) years of expertise in law enforcement and firearm safety. It is more than the "states powerpoint" and we consistently stress the importance of safety and training. Our training provides education, promotes safety, and can even reduce crime! Just ask us how ???

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Art of Surveillance

As the top rated private investigations firm in Tennessee one could imagine, we get all kinds of calls. However, one of the most common requests is for surveillance. A word my sister says she can’t even spell; Sur-veil-lance, is the monitoring of behavior and activities while gathering information or intelligence for the purpose of influencing, managing, or directing. Observations documented by a licensed private investigator can save you a lifetime of headaches. Don’t get BURNED!!! Contact Covert to get proven results!

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Inside Job

I convinced him we knew he stole the money from the safe and even encouraged him to come to the precinct for an interview. After notifying precinct detectives, we drove to the precinct. The detectives allowed me to sit in on the interview. During the interview I played the “good cop, bad cop” where at one point I was yelling at him and another point I was sympathetic. When I took the; “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” method, one of the detectives didn’t like my style.

Wanna Get Away?

The funniest Southwest commercial that I have seen and my personal favorite begins with the setting of what appears to be a small hotel room where a male voice can be heard being interviewed in the darkness. The narrator says, “you are taking an enormous risk by speaking with us, so thank you.” The silhouette male voice figure says, “Of course.”

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