The Good Line

Do you like true crime? Has this genre taken over your choice in books or podcasts? True crime has become entrenched within the sphere of popular culture. Even as kids, we're drawn to the tension between good and evil, and true crime embodies our fascination with that dynamic. If you’re looking for a novel that plunges you right into the right into the heart of “Good vs. Evil;” The Good Line by Robert Young is the book for you. The Good Line is not recapping a fictional story. Robert truly puts the ‘true’ in true crime by telling a story he lived!

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Gray: Rise & Fall of 1422

From the streets of Mexico to the honky-tonks on Broadway. Trust me, it’s not what it seems. My city - the great “it” city has a lot of creepy crawlers; dirty things that happen behind the scenes. Top law enforcement, city officials, and mayors, they all try to ignore it. Dive into this untold story! So many challenges standing in the way, but I never gave up, never quit! My determination to succeed led to the largest cocaine seizure in Nashville history. Cocaine. Money. Corruption. Death. Politics.

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