Do you like true crime? Has this genre taken over your choice in books or podcasts? True crime has become entrenched within the sphere of popular culture. As entertainment and information. It has held the public imagination and maintains a place in our societies through successfully navigating shifts across format and focus. But why does everyone love it so much? 

The true crime genre gives people a glimpse into the minds of people who have committed what experts call “a most fundamental taboo and also, perhaps, a most fundamental human impulse”—crime. In most cases there is an assessment to be made about the enormity of evil involved. This fascination with good versus evil has existed forever. It is thought that our fascination begins when we’re young. Even as kids, we’re drawn to the tension between good and evil, and true crime embodies our fascination with that dynamic. If you’re looking for a novel that plunges you right into the right into the heart of “Good vs. Evil;” The Good Line by Robert Young is the book for you. The Good Line is not recapping a fictional story. Robert truly puts the ‘true’ in true crime by telling a story he lived!

After Robert “Bobby” Young gets promoted to his dream detective job on Nashville’s Drug Task Force, he devotes his life to a complex wiretap case that leads to a historic cocaine haul. But chasing the “good line” and making record seizures doesn’t come without a price. When a rumor of leaked information threatens not only the case but his career and the very existence of the Drug Task Force, Robert encounters the reality of shifty alliances between powerful politicians. There are consequences for not playing their game, and Robert has to choose . . . which side is he on? Based on shocking true events, The Good Line is true crime turned on its head, with the reader left wondering, Who are the good guys and who are the bad? The Good Line appeals to true crime enthusiasts who are ready for a different theme. Cocaine, cash, and corruption are complementary, but the truth is the real price to pay—and the price is steep. Unveiling the ways powerful politicians and greed can push even the most well-established team to their limits, this book leaves you questioning good versus bad. The task force cannot just work against the “bad guys”; they have to watch their backs—even from within. If you are ready to move past the standard true crime murder, then buckle up, take off the blinders, and see how top officials devise a plan to dismantle the elite unit—leaving the public at risk.

ROBERT “BOBBY” YOUNG grew up near Nashville, Tennessee, and followed in his father’s footsteps by choosing law enforcement as a career. For over a decade, Robert rose through the ranks of narcotics law enforcement, ultimately landing a rare spot with the Drug Task Force. Entrepreneurship came calling, so Robert took an early retirement and founded Covert Results, a private investigations and security firm in Tennessee. 

The Good Line is available now on Amazon for purchase. If you want to take a dive into true crime, corruption, and cocaine click this link to watch the trailer for The Good Line. Which side will you be on? The Good guys or bad….?  615-861-1680

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