Knowledge is Power

The database we, at Covert Results, utilize the most is TLO by TransUnion. Many of our investigators are retired police officers. This was a database they used and were familiar with while on the department. Covert Results prefers this site to others since TLO is a trusted source and only available to police officers and LICENSED Investigators. Click on the blog to read how this database saved a man in a jury trial.

Hire a Private Investigator, It helps!

There are many reasons to hire a Private Investigator. Investigators bring a sense of experience, professionalism, and a new set of eyes to the situation. At times, attorneys cannot get out and do everything needed for the best possible outcome of a case. This is where hiring an investigator can be a game changer.Covert Results can be an asset to the attorney by allowing them to focus on the legal side, while we do the legwork! Our professional skills allow us to obtain evidence, preserve, review, and report those findings. We have already uncovered critical evidence in many cases.

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Covert Corporate Security

Imagine sitting in the office. You’re part of a fortune five hundred company. Then suddenly you can hear in the background a coworker from accounting arguing with HR. He’s getting fired and not taking it well. What can you do to mitigate this situation? We have the answer. Armed security that blends into the office setting. Covert Results has the ability to be in plain sight and blend in with the corporate scene. Our highly trained guards are all former officers or military that have a special skill set to mitigate situations like the one described.

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Armed Event Security

Weddings and event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. Using all your resources to be sure the day and event go perfectly can include a lot of staff. Part of that staff should be armed security. Armed security at a wedding or event can be utilized in many different ways. Covert Results has the team and the experience to help any type of event. 

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Hotel Surveillance

Clients come to us with all types of situations but the most common is that they are finally going with their gut. We have heard about the distant spouse, the rapid weight-loss spouse, and the complete change behavior spouse. They’re usually wrapped up into one umbrella term: the cheating spouse. Surveillance for a cheating spouse can be difficult but gets even more interesting when the spouse is taking their paramour to a hotel. Hotel Surveillance takes time, skill and experience. Here’s our most recent episode of Covert Results’ version of “cheaters.” 

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Where’s your money….Or your Spouse…?

Private Investigations usually gets a bit more interesting after the holidays. Once everyone has settled down, school has started back and mail starts to return to its usual schedule; we all do the same thing. Review the damage that has been done to our bank accounts. For some there’s more information on those statements than just a large total….

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Tracking Down

A contact at the law office provided us with the information, telling us that they have been looking for this man for 6 months. We were also given the names of the databases that they had been relying on to look up information. We have different resources, and in our opinion, they are the best. The databases we utilize now, are the same ones that we used while Detectives with the Police Department. After a little online sleuthing, I made a list of potential addresses and headed out!

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Taken for a ride!

Eharmony, christian mingle, plenty of fish, Tinder, and Match are just a few dating websites and apps that millions of people, across the world use. While these can be a great way to meet people, even find the love of your life, I am sure you can find someone that has not had a good experience with their “match.” So the million dollar question is, Do you know their past?

Inside Job

I convinced him we knew he stole the money from the safe and even encouraged him to come to the precinct for an interview. After notifying precinct detectives, we drove to the precinct. The detectives allowed me to sit in on the interview. During the interview I played the “good cop, bad cop” where at one point I was yelling at him and another point I was sympathetic. When I took the; “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” method, one of the detectives didn’t like my style.

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