Imagine sitting in the office. You’re an upper level manager in a fortune five hundred company. Then suddenly you can hear in the background an accounting agent arguing with HR. He’s getting fired and not taking it well. Everyone suspected this was going to happen. This employee had been showing signs of violence since he started. As the conversation progresses you, your boss and others start getting nervous as to the outcome of the coworker’s rage. What can you do to mitigate this situation? We have the answer. Armed security that blends into the office setting. Covert Results has the ability to be in plain sight and blend in with the corporate scene. Our highly trained guards are all former police or military and have a special skill set to mitigate situations like the one described. 

Covert Results has firsthand experience in this type of situation. We were recently asked to be present for the firing of an employee at a large company. Prior to taking the job, Covert Results built a profile on the subject, making sure we were familiar with the person. The information collected included; data provided by the company, a profile on the target’s interest, past employment history, any criminal history, a general review of social media, vehicle information, and an identification photo. The profile produced, provided our security personnel the information needed to properly protect individuals present at the firing and anyone who could have been impacted by the employee’s actions following the termination.  

One of our trained professionals dressed the part to blend into the the company as just another employee. He was able to keep an eye on the situation and take action at any time. The ability to keep others safe is a task Covert Results takes with the utmost importance. We make sure our guards have proper training for every possible outcome. 

Armed guards in the workplace can help ease the minds of your employees and show them you take their safety seriously. This is a time where companies need to be proactive and not reactive. Covert Results urges all of our clients to have a plan in place for all safety situations and we can be part of that plan. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you would like more information on professional armed security, private investigations or handgun training please call or email us at 615-861-1680;

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