Covert Results recently had the opportunity to be on a Zoom call with Mark Cuban and one question that an entrepreneur asked was, “What is the best business to invest in for the future?” Very quickly Mark answered confidently with one word…AI. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is technology that is taking over the world. One investigator with Covert Results posed a very good question; could AI get rid of private investigators? 

No doubt technology is advancing and it can help the average citizen dig up information on someone. But, technology and AI is only going to be able to take you so far. Here is a list of just a few things that a (real) private investigator with Covert Results can do for a client:

  1. Conduct knock and talks

  2. Conduct interviews

  3. Conduct surveillance 

  4. Testify in court 

  5. Fly drones 

  6. Review discovery and evidence

  7. Digital forensics 

  8. Provide understanding and empathy

If you really think about it, a licensed private investigator can do much more than a computer equipped with a smart database or an AI tool because it is a human being. In the short list above #8 is likely the most important and is what sets a human apart from AI. When a client contacts Covert Results for private investigations or security, the client is looking for a voice to guide them to an answer or a win. Private investigators and security experts with Covert Results can relate to each and every situation that a client will share, looking for guidance and answers. 

Covert Results has laid out the reasons why private investigators will never be taken over by AI or robots. AI is a great tool that can be used by private investigators but not in their place. We even asked ChatGPT, an AI chatbot tool, to assess the situation:

It’s unlikely that private investigators will become extinct in the foreseeable future. While technology has certainly made certain aspects of investigation more efficient and accessible, there will always be a need for human investigators who can apply critical thinking, judgment, and creativity to complex cases.

Private investigators also have a range of skills and expertise that can be difficult to replicate with technology alone. For example, private investigators often have experience in law enforcement or the military, which gives them a unique perspective on investigative work. They also have knowledge of local laws and regulations, as well as contacts in law enforcement and other relevant fields.

Additionally, there are many situations where technology simply cannot replace the human touch. For example, private investigators may be called upon to provide emotional support to clients who are going through difficult situations, such as dealing with a cheating spouse or a missing loved one.

While the role of private investigators may evolve in response to technological advances, it’s unlikely that they will become completely obsolete. And there it is! Even the AI platform agrees with Covert Results. 

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