Eharmony, christian mingle, plenty of fish, Tinder, and Match are just a few dating websites and apps that millions of people, across the world use. While these can be a great way to meet people, even find the love of your life, I am sure you can find someone that has not had a good experience with their “match.” My question to the people utilizing these sites is; How many dates do you go on with someone until you really trust them? Do you know their past?

Some might argue that they do not live in the past or care about the past.  I think back to when my sister, Angela Proffitt, started her event planning business 16 years ago.  In her second year, she had a groom that was on America’s Most Wanted for embezzlement. We eventually found out he had been using an alias and no one, not even the potential bride, knew is real name.  I promise you will care if one of these individuals cleans out your bank account and runs for the border.

My wife and I watch “Bull,” a newer crime drama on CBS starring Michael Weatherly.  Dr. Bull is a trial scientist who runs a consulting firm in NYC. It is actually based on a true story, depicting the life of Dr. Phil McGraw who ran the most prolific trial consulting firm of all time.

In a recent episode, a main character, “Marissa,” had a new love interest. The entire office, including Dr. Bull, take notice that she is very happy but she refuses to allow anyone to dig into his past. Marissa is wined and dined by this man, he makes her believe he is wealthy and in love with her. It is only after her bank accounts are cleaned out that she faces the hard truth.

The man Marissa thought was single, wealthy and in love with her, was actually married and living in another state with his family. Marissa eventually discovers his real name and that he has a slew of outstanding warrants. She is even able to see his arrest when his flight lands by posing as his airport pick-up driver. I laughed!  

In this situation, she was satisfied with the results.  However, getting all your money back will require taking them to court and could cost you even more. To avoid all of this, Marissa could have allowed her co-workers to dig into his past like they wanted, but you probably should hired a private investigator to conduct a deep dive. This can help you know more about someone before you get too invested.

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