Private Investigations usually gets a bit more interesting after the holidays. Once everyone has settled down, school has started back and mail starts to return to its usual schedule; we all do the same thing. Review the damage that has been done to our bank accounts. For some there’s more information on those statements than just a large total. Many of our clients start out by noticing presents that were not purchased by them or received by them.

Infidelity and fraud seem to become more prominent during the holidays. Whether it’s the feeling of wanting to be with someone else for Christmas, envy of wanting more stuff or trying to start new for the year one thing is certain, Covert Results can help you find out. As a team of investigators we can offer expertise in finding information you may not be able to find on your own. We are also professionals in being discrete and keeping our clients confidentiality. Recently, Covert Results had an uptick in surveillance cases involving infidelity and fraud. In each case investigators utilized physical and camera surveillance to get the results desired. 

Christmas and New Year’s can bring out the best in people and also make you want to be better for all the people in your life. This could include a person you didn’t know your spouse was close with. Is there something on the new statements you didn’t notice before? Could it be fraud or a purchase by your spouse? Is your significant other spending a lot of time at the gym with no results? Do you need a private investigator to find out any of this information? Call Covert Results to be able to ease your mind and even more so: your wallet. For a complimentary consultation please contact Covert Results at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website at

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