Clients come to us with all types of situations but the most common is that they are finally going with their gut. We have heard about the distant spouse, the rapid weight-loss spouse, and the complete change behavior spouse. They’re usually wrapped up into one umbrella term: the cheating spouse. Surveillance for a cheating spouse can be difficult but gets even more interesting when the spouse is taking their paramour to a hotel. Hotel Surveillance takes time, skill and experience. We have that first hand experience. Here’s our most recent episode of Covert Results’ version of “cheaters.”

We had a client call and advise us they believed their spouse was staying at a Nashville hotel with their paramour. The Covert Results team did what we always do and put boots to the ground for some surveillance. The team started with parking lot surveillance. Once the target was confirmed to be staying at the hotel, we then moved on to inside hotel surveillance. This included deploying covert cameras and posing as a food delivery service to confirm the hotel room contained the targets. Once all that information is deployed Covert Results then got a room on the same floor as the targets and took video surveillance of their comings and goings from the hotel room. 

In this instance we were able to complete the mission by doing all of the tasks listed. These are some tools Private Investigators can utilize while conducting almost any type of surveillance. Hotel Surveillance takes practice and skill. All of the licensed investigators at Covert Results have decades of experience in this field. Before this becomes your story call us for a complimentary consultation or more information on how Covert Results can help you. Please contact at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website at

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