Let me tell you how Covert Results started. Leaving a government job, a police department with decent pay and good benefits to pursue the world of entrepreneurship is nothing easy. Frankly, it was terrifying! Covert Results had a dynamite team, with tons of experience, but we have to get the word out.

In the age of social media, everything is at your fingertips. Covert Results was a new and upcoming private investigations, professional security, and training firm so we had to utilize our unique avenues to market. Facebook has taken some heat this year, but as a business owner, it is a must. In 2018 Facebook had 2.23 billion active monthly users. That’s a lot, considering there are only 325 million people in America.

Relying on Facebook and social media to get us going, Covert Results made its first post. Nothing fancy, just a short article about our services and website. Let me tell you, it worked! Within 10 minutes I had a phone call from a law office in Nashville. I tried to act like this wasn’t my first call and potentially my first client, but it was. I got through it and Covert Results was hired to track down a witness for a civil case.

A contact at the law office provided us with the information, telling us that they have been looking for this man for 6 months. We were also given the names of the databases that they had been relying on to look up information. We have different resources, and in our opinion, they are the best. The databases we utilize now, are the same ones that we used while Detectives with the Police Department.

After a little online sleuthing, I made a list of potential addresses and headed out. The law office had signed the contract granting us ten hours to look for this man. The first address that I drove to was a rehabilitation center, mostly filled with older people recovering from surgeries or injuries. I walked straight in and struck up a conversation with the lady at the front. I like to use a tactic called “sweet talking” and it works. I sweet talked this lady right into telling me that the man I was looking for, was staying right here at the facility. It took me less than half the time I was granted. Now, it doesn’t always work out that way, but we strive to maximize each clients budget.

Covert Results, LLC is a fully licensed and insured investigations, security, and training company, providing honest services to law firms, businesses, corporations, and individuals. If you need help locating someone, give us a call. For a complimentary consultation please contact Covert Results at 615-861-1680, contact@covertresults.com, or visit our website at CovertResults.com.