There are many reasons to hire a Private Investigator. Investigators bring a sense of experience, professionalism, and a new set of eyes to the situation. At times, attorneys cannot get out and do everything needed for the best possible outcome of a case. This is where hiring an investigator can be a game changer.Covert Results can be an asset to the attorney by allowing them to focus on the legal side, while we do the legwork! Our professional skills allow us to obtain evidence, preserve, review, and report those findings. We have already uncovered critical evidence in many cases.

At a well-known department store in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, police were dispatched to the scene where an alleged victim had advised he was in fear of his life. The Defendant was taken into custody for pulling out a firearm and threatening the victim. Covert Results was asked to do an investigation of the matter on behalf of the defense. After conducting interviews and getting a grasp of what happened, we were able to go out and serveil the crime scene. Investigators also obtained video evidence of the incident. Once the video was reviewed a conclusion was made that the alleged victim was in no way in fear for his life. The video showed the alleged victim was provoking the defendant. The defendant was a law abiding gun owner and had properly displayed his handgun carry permit to the alleged victim. This evidence proved invaluable to the defendant.

Yet another case took place at a popular store in the West Nashville area. Defendant was a recent college graduate and baseball star. He was accused of attempting to run over a couple and their baby, with his vehicle. Police were dispatched and the license plate of the vehicle was given to the police and an arrest was conducted. Covert Results was asked to assist and we immediately conducted interviews of those that were at the scene. After some investigating, it was discovered that a bystander had the entire incident on a phone camera. Investigators were able to obtain that footage along with statements to disprove the allegations against the defendant. This evidence was provided to the attorney who then presented it to the District Attorney. Ultimately, the charges were dismissed based on inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s statements. 

These are just two examples of how Covert Results could help in your case. We put in the work to ensure the best possible outcome. Our trained professionals know what to look for when conducting an interview, surveillance, or reviewing discovery. Cases are all built on the evidence presented; why not let Covert Results uncover something for you? For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please call, email, or visit our website. 615-861-1680;

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