Weddings and event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry. Using all your resources to be sure the day and event go perfectly can include a lot of staff. Part of that staff should be armed security. Armed security at a wedding or event can be utilized in many different ways. Covert Results has the team and the experience to help with any type of event. 

Recently at a Nashville venue, Covert Results was hired as armed security for a private wedding. All security staff were dressed in suits, as to not take away from the elegance of the event. As the planner and patrons were getting ready for the wedding festivities to start, an incident took place. An older lady who was maneuvering the venue ended up falling on a portion of the tile. The security team was immediately at the scene to ask questions and be sure the guest was okay. In the course of time the security team was able to help the guest, give her ice, and call an ambulance. 

Covert Results was able to mitigate this situation. Security staff took a very detailed report, photographs of the alleged cause of injury, recorded statements of the guest and witnesses, and even offered to testify in court in the event suit was filed. Through the actions taken by Covert Results, we are confident the documentation and attention to detail lead to no civil action being filed. This type of work and professionalism should be shown in whatever armed security company you hire. We at Covert Results aspire to be the best in all aspects of the work we produce. Our armed security team is unmatched with years of experience and training on how to handle situations like an injured guest. Just another way Covert Results can stand out while also blending into your event.

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