Covert Results was founded by Robert Young in 2018, but many people and clients do not know that his mother-in-law (yes you read that correctly) is actually his business partner. She was a Metro Nashville Police Detective for more than 30 years and is an expert in many fields when it comes to anything law enforcement related. Jeannine is always willing to jump in, never scared to go anywhere or do anything when it comes to investigations. 

In the beginning, Robert and Jeannine were working side-by-side to investigate our private cases as well as recruiting officers to work armed security requests. That quickly changed a year into the business as Jeannine’s main role changed. Jeannine became a grandmother!She quickly learned how much she enjoyed just being a grandmother, so she went from an outstanding investigator, to an even better grandmother– watching grandkids. As Covert Results continued to grow at a lightning speed, Robert and Jeannine had to bring on additional licensed investigators to help investigate these cases that continued to roll in. 

Robert and Jeannine had an open mindset when came to adding to the Covert Results team. They were not simply focused on hiring investigators with prior law enforcement and/or military experience. They took their time in making a sound decision before adding someone to the team looking for a candidate that was smart, good with people, hardworking, and paid attention to detail. Over the last 5 years, Covert Results has found multiple female investigators, many with no law enforcement experience, to add to our team. Without the tenacity of our female investigators, Covert Results would be unable to excel at this high level. Just check out our reviews! 

Approximately 34% of all private investigators (PI) are women. But we would argue that the general population sees that number as less– that female private investigators are a lot less in the industry we’re in. But we’d like to take this moment to highlight the diversity of the amazing women working with Covert Results– we have women with different career backgrounds, education and degrees, different ages, some are mothers, and even grandmothers. We have women that can go toe-to-toe with the men in a male dominated career field, in which we are very much proud of. 

Here are the 3 top benefits of hiring female private investigators:

Good with blending in and more approachable:

A female private investigator is good with blending in with the environment, the ability to be unseen and actually stay covert in a group of individuals. They are more approachable as well, and obviously (just going back to the fact that they can be good at being undercover), they can dress certain ways– especially if they are going to a bar or a similar setting. They can dress nicely like they’re going out on the town, or dress in a more comfortable way; but it’s all about blending in. 

Based on a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documentary through Wired, they document a show exposing that a female can actually be disguised much better than a male. Essentially it is easier for a female to change their appearance, than it is a male. 

Better at getting information:

Another good thing about being a female PI is that at times they are actually better at getting information out of people, especially other females in sensitive situations. They can be non-threatening, so they can elicit more information that’s very helpful to the case. 

Can bond deeper with a client:

Another advantage to having female private investigators is at times (depending on the client), they tend to bond at a deeper level than a male investigator would. Also, many of the clients that are relying on Covert Results are females expressing a cheating problem with their significant other, so the client and female PI might have a better understanding on how that might feel. They have a high level of sympathy. If a female PI feels sincere, and has a connection with a client, then they will work much harder trying to catch the person in the act– ultimately successfully helping the client.

At Covert Results, we would like to recognize and respect the seven (7)  female licensed private investigators that we are so gracious to have their skills. We’d like to show our appreciation for everything they do by celebrating them not only through International Women’s Day, but all throughout their years of service (and even after that). Again, if we haven’t said this enough, we have an amazing group of female private investigators under the Covert Results wing, and we appreciate all of their hard work and dedication to the profession. You all are indeed an inspiration to children who aspire to be in this male dominated career field, may you continue to be an inspiration to others all over the world. Thank You to the Covert Results marketing and content team who are all women located in the United States and the Philippines. 

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