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Did you know that the local Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) covers the entire county; over 520 square miles, with a population over 650,000? That population count is only an estimate; it is widely known that Nashville (Top 25 cities in USA) is growing rapidly. That entire geographic area and growing population is managed by approximately 1350 officers. To put it in perspective, Boston, Memphis, and Las Vegas are all similar to the Nashville population and each department has over 2,000 officers.

The MNPD is also never finished hiring. The department is constantly training new officers to fill the never ending gaps left from retirements, terminations and resignations.

If you consider those numbers and the fact that the MNPD is probably never fully staffed; the MNPD only offers one officer per every 481 citizens. Additionally,  the department responds to more than a million calls every year. Even with conservative estimates, that would mean each officer answers a minimum of 689 calls per year. Those calls do not consider the dozens of other responsibilities that officers are tasked with each day.  Without a doubt, the men and women in blue are very busy individuals.

What does this equate to? The officers and detectives of the MNPD are grossly over worked and carry an overwhelming caseload.  Despite an officer’s dedication and drive, there are only so many hours in a day, it is impossible for them to explore every possible avenue of every case. Small details of an investigation can be missed and having a fresh perspective on a situation can benefit everyone involved.  No matter the size or circumstances of the case, allow Covert Results to take a second look.

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