The year is quickly coming to an end and we at Covert Results wonder how it went by so fast! On the private investigations side of Covert Results, we wanted to highlight some great work completed by our talented investigators. Our top 10 cases in the State of Tennessee this year were:

Case 1: State of Tennessee vs. Adam Braseel; seeking new trial after murder conviction.
Attorneys: Alex Little and Zack Lawson.
Info: Covert Results Investigators developed two witnesses who testified in the hearing for a new trial and Investigator Robert Young testified to new information developed by investigators. 
Outcome: Adam Braseel was exonerated of the murder of Malcolm Burrows, took alford plea to aggravated assault on Becky Hill. Adam Braseel and his legal team are working on a total exoneration.

Case 2: State of Tennessee vs. William Dowell; jury trial for Aggravated Robbery
Attorneys: Jim Todd and Katie Hagan
Info: Covert Results Investigators interviewed witnesses, gathering new statements that police did not obtain. Valuable database information was obtained and Investigator Robert Young testified in court to the information gathered. It is our opinion that we developed the correct suspect and the wrong person was charged.
Outcome: Not Guilty

Case 3: State of Tennessee vs. Ronrico Joslin; jury trial for Distribution of Cocaine
Attorney: Bernie McEvoy
Info: Covert Results Investigator Robert Young was called to testify as an expert in the narcotics field to talk about complex investigations. After speaking with the ADA about my testimony, a plea deal was offered and was accepted.
Outcome: Plea deal accepted during the jury trial

Case 4: State of Tennessee vs. Bruce Jefferson; jury trial for Burglary
Attorney: Erin Coleman
Info: Covert Results Investigators gathered information, reviewed reports, took pictures of the crime scene, and interviewed witnesses. Investigator Robert Young testified in the jury trial to the information obtained by investigators.
Outcome: Not Guilty

Case 5: State of Tennessee vs. Maurice Murphy; jury trial for Aggravated Assault
Attorney: Luke Hammonds
Info: Covert Results Investigators accepted a near impossible mission to locate a witness in northern Kentucky. By utilizing our databases and some luck, investigators located the witness and obtained a written statement. 
Outcome: Nolle prosecution

Case 6: United States (Western District of TN) vs. Edgard Peguero; Motion to Suppress 
Attorney: Robert Parris
Info: A traffic stop was conducted on I-40 that led to multiple arrests for fraud. Covert Results investigators were able to assist Attorney Parris in gathering information and providing detailed information about interdictions style stops.
Outcome: Traffic Stop was Suppressed

Case 7: United States (Middle District of TN); jury trial for Distribution of Marijuana
Attorney: Peter Strianse
Info: Covert Results Investigators assisted Attorney Strianse in a federal case involving the distribution of marijuana. 
Outcome: Not Guilty

Case 8: State of Tennessee vs. Jane Doe
Attorney: Bernie McEvoy
Info: Covert Results Investigators were called to assist in a rape investigation in which charges may be sought against the female defendant. Investigators were able to identify persons involved in the case, along with their social media presence, which ultimately led to a decision of no prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office.
Outcome: No charges

Case 9: State of Tennessee vs. Barry Ricks; Jury Trial for Murder
Attorney: Spencer Hassler
Info: Covert Results Investigators were assigned with numerous tasks for this homicide investigation. Evidence gathered by investigators supports a self defense claim and it was determined that several witnesses were inconsistent in their statements.
Outcome: Nolle prosecution

Case 10: Divorce & Child Custody case
Attorney: Civil Attorney
Info: Covert Results Investigators were hired to conduct surveillance on an ex-spouse who was not following the court’s rules that had been set in place for the child. Our surveillance discovered a blatant disregard for the Judge’s orders. Investigators were then called to court to testify and present the evidence.
Outcome: Client gets custody.

In 2019 Covert Results worked for more than 50 different attorneys, both civil and criminal with a wide array of cases in Tennessee and beyond. Covert Results investigators have decades of law enforcement and investigative experience. Our investigators have also researched new hemp laws and are considered experts in that field. All are licensed, insured, and can handle the high-stress situations of any type of case. 

Covert Results, LLC is a fully licensed and insured investigations, security, and training company, providing honest services to law firms, businesses, corporations, and individuals. If you need help, give us a call. For a complimentary consultation please contact Covert Results at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website at

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