If an individual believes that someone else is hiding assets, they may employ the services of a private investigator to help locate the items. By locating these assets, the individual may be able to use them to their advantage in a legal case, attach them to a judgment or otherwise benefit from the discovery. Covert Results has the experience and knowledge to conduct asset searches for our clients. 

Hidden assets are most commonly involved in family law matters. For example, in divorce or separation, a spouse may try to conceal assets with the goal of preventing the other spouse from getting a fair share of them in the legal proceedings. In a similar scenario, individuals may hide assets before signing a prenuptial agreement so that their new spouse isn’t aware of them. Hidden assets may also be involved in support matters where someone is trying to avoid fulfilling their monetary obligations, as can be the circumstance in child support or spousal support cases. Hidden assets can also be involved in a bankruptcy filing in an effort to retain some assets after financial ruin. Businesses or individuals who owe a debt to someone else may attempt to hide assets to avoid having these assets rightfully attached. In many cases, this type of concealment is considered fraud.

There’s an infinite number of ways that assets can be hidden, largely dependent on the tactics of the owner. Some choose to conceal assets within their business or create hidden corporations or LLCs. Others have offshore bank accounts.

In some cases, hidden assets are in the form of moneys that haven’t yet been received. These can include stock options, a delayed bonus or a raise. In a divorce, a spouse may try to defer these assets until the divorce proceedings are finished so they won’t have to split it with the other spouse.

Private investigators have the skills and experience necessary to conduct a full and thorough investigation to help locate these hidden assets. In addition, we can prepare a report and offer testimony in court pertaining to the investigation, so the court is aware of all relevant details of alleged misconduct. Covert Results ensures our team is well equipped to produce informative and professional reports to better help aid attorneys in their court proceedings. 

 Private investigators have access to tools that can help them locate assets: databases, public records regarding property filings, tax returns and related documents. Not only are we willing to actively look for the asset but we also utilize database searches to aid in our case. We also cross reference names, addresses and other relevant information to gain insight on patterns and potential locations where items could be hidden. Our expert investigators have years of experience and training to better help our clients. Just ask Covert Results if we can help you.

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