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As the holiday season unfolds, there’s a different kind of gift you might receive—one that’s secret and potentially invasive. Ever felt like someone is keeping tabs on you? Meet Diana Hutson, our seasoned Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) expert at Covert Results, who shares some insider tips to keep you informed and secure.


Diana, a licensed private investigator with Covert Results, delves into the world of bug sweeps—a realm where finding hidden devices is both an art and a science. Trained through a combination of online courses, extensive in-person schools, and hands-on experiences, Diana excels in uncovering Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) devices that can surreptitiously eavesdrop, record, or track your location.

Listen to your client and understand their true concerns for safety and security. Reflecting on her training, Diana emphasizes the importance of meticulous examinations. From scrutinizing the entire room to never overlooking seemingly ordinary objects, her mantra is to question everything. If something feels off, look again—each discovery could be a crucial piece of the puzzle.

What is a Bug Sweep?
Bug sweeps involve the physical act of scanning an area for TSCM devices or “bugs.” These devices, if covertly placed, have the potential to compromise your privacy by recording conversations or tracking your movements. Investigators at Covert Results including Diana have the expertise to unveil these hidden threats.

Is It Legal?
Is bug sweeping legal? Diana clarifies that if the device belongs to you, and you are aware of its function, it’s legal. However, if you are unknowingly being recorded or tracked, legality comes into question. Uncovering illicit surveillance is where Diana’s and the teams’ skills come into play.

When to Reach Out
Often, distraught individuals approach Diana when they discover unauthorized access to sensitive information. Cases involving estranged spouses tracking each other are not uncommon. Diana takes these cases seriously, aiming to restore peace of mind by uncovering and neutralizing privacy invasions.

Diana recounts a recent divorce case where the client’s ex-husband seemed to know her every move. After finding a tracker in the car during a routine inspection, Diana unveiled the unsettling truth. The video reveals the gripping details of this case.

Common Hiding Spots for Devices
The OBD port, often overlooked, is a common hiding spot for trackers. Its accessibility to power and transmission capability makes it an ideal location. There are hundreds of spy type devices on the market and they appear as a normal household item such as a smoke detector or a coffee cup.

What to Do If You Suspect Your iPhone Is Bugged
Diana advises a series of steps, including uploading data to the cloud, resetting the iPhone, changing passwords, and scrutinizing battery usage. The video provides comprehensive insights, including a cautionary note about Snapchat.

For those worried about phone tracking, Diana suggests checking battery usage. If suspicious apps are consuming excessive power, delete them. The video offers further insights and practical tips.

In Conclusion

As we wrap up, in Diana’s words, “You’re not paranoid if something alerted you that something is not right.” If you suspect you’re being followed or tracked, don’t hesitate to reach out to Covert Results. Our team of experts will guide you to obtain peace of mind.

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