Private Investigating in the “domestic” realm is often thought of as “catching the cheater.” However, the more common aspect is after a divorce has happened and parents are battling for custody of their children. Unfortunately, with the high rate of divorce, many individuals find themselves in court negotiating time with their kids. We have seen an increase in these type of cases for Covert Results and we have the experience to investigate these cases so that evidence is legally obtained and can be introduced in court.

Each client has a specific outcome in mind but in Child Custody cases, we always work with the child or children in mind. Custody cases can become ugly fast, with each parent making accusations against the other, but where is the proof? That is where Covert Results comes in, we can provide tangible evidence of improper activities. Whether the parents have been charged with spending a certain amount of time with the child or not having certain other individuals around during their “visit,” having proof of the infraction will go a lot further in court. 

We have been able to provide video and photographic evidence in several cases to assist our clients. For instance, we were recently hired to investigate whether a mother was spending unsupervised time with her minor child, even after the court had ordered that the child’s grandmother was required to remain present through the entire visit. We conducted 24/7 video surveillance and discovered that the grandmother was leaving the child alone with the mother. It is one thing to tell the court you believe something is happening but with the video’s we obtained, our client can now SHOW the court that his claims are true.

Our investigators are able to conduct surveillance in a variety of ways. Whether your case requires someone to be followed because they are not allowed to drink alcohol around the child but you know they get a margarita every Friday night when they go out to eat or you need a home watched because you believe the child is left alone, we can get the work done.  We are also not afraid to let you know if the case is not panning out the way you hoped. As we already said, tangible proof can drive your point home in court but if it isn’t available, we are not going to waste your time or money.

Surveillance isn’t the only way to catch a custody infraction. Knowing who is watching the child during visits is also an important factor. We can gather evidence on other family members, babysitters, or new significant others that may be present with your child. Knowing the identity and background of each individual that your child is exposed to for long periods is very important.

Each case is unique and Covert Results will tailor our investigation to best meet our client’s needs. If you are in need of an investigator for your Child Custody matter, give us a call.

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