Have you or a loved one ever been a victim of stalking? The feeling that someone is watching you everywhere you go is not foreign to a lot of our clients. Covert Results Investigators know how to work these cases to give our clients a better sense of safety and security by starting with counter-surveillance. 

Counter-surveillance investigations are special investigations that seek to identify other parties conducting surveillance on the client, or parties identified by the client. Private investigators are asked to engage in these types of cases for a variety of reasons, normally ranging from harassment and stalking to corporate intelligence. The goal of the counter-surveillance is to locate other parties engaging in surveillance of the identified target and gather information on them. Sometimes, the private investigator can also act as a deterrent against surveillance by operating in a more overt fashion. 

Investigations of this nature are informational only and the private investigator will not normally make their observation known to the surveillant. These cases can be static, where the investigator watches for observation occurring at a location, or it can be dynamic where there is a mix of static and mobile settings for the counter-surveillance work to take place. 

Coordination between the client and the private investigator is important as the two parties should be on the same page regarding activities and routes, which in turn enables the private investigator to effectively plan routes and observation points. 

The output, particularly in cases of stalking and harassment, is to gather evidence to help counter the benefits of observation, such as that required in court matters, or creating a profile package for law enforcement or legal representatives to use effectively in the courts to stop future occurrences of surveillance activities. Covert Results Investigators have years of experience and knowledge on how to best conduct these types of surveillance ops. We utilize database searches to gain information and bring an identity to the stalker. This information we are able to share with the client and even give over to law enforcement if the client wants our help. 

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