Can you believe that Covert Results has been a successful private investigations and security company for four years now? We can! As we head into our fifth year of business, there are experiences that stand out over time that have shaped us into the top private investigations company in Nashville, Tennessee. and Three Best Rated have voted Covert Results as a top investigations and security firm in Tennessee. Give it a Google; Covert Results shines with more than one hundred positive, 5 star reviews. When it comes to your safety and peace of mind, do your homework. 

Every company is unique and what will set it apart and make them stand out is to rely on the original core values. At Covert Results our focus has always been on good communication. Oftentimes with large companies or the government, there are so many layers to filter through before you get the answer…or the truth. Leading by example was implemented since the inception of Covert Results in March 2018 and that has not changed. 

Clear goals and solid core values have led to a strong diverse team of licensed private investigators and expert security professionals. At Covert Results all of the investigators meet on a regular basis to go over any cases that may need additional attention or just an extra set of eyes. A group effort has always proven to be more effective than one person attempting to do every task alone. 

Starting in January 2022 Covert Results is going to host a monthly informational zoom for interested candidates looking to be a private investigator or security professional. We get so many requests and questions, this is a way to get those questions answered. If you are interested in the informational zoom, visit our website and scroll to the bottom and select “How to Become a PI.” Just fill out the form and indicate you would like to attend the monthly zoom. We will have guests from various backgrounds to share experiences and help you learn more about the industry.

Covert Results is a licensed and insured private investigations and security company with over 100 years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security topics. With global connections through the Entrepreneurs Organization we are confident that peace of mind is in your future! For up to date information, experience shares, and laughs follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @CovertResults. 615.861.1680