Think back to your first basic biology class. Aside from still being able to recall the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, I’m sure you don’t remember the class over DNA. Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) is the genetic code that makes up the characteristics of a living thing. What if I told you it’s possible that unique information could be used against you. Covert Results has done some research regarding the genealogy testing and the government getting this information. 

In recent years, companies have been able to market and figure out your genealogy. This information can advise you of the life of former relatives and even relatives you never knew about. But what happens to that unique information once your profile is made? There is a chance this information could be obtained by the government. This is no secret, just give it a Google. Although many of these companies are making efforts to keep your information private, there are other outlets that are still accessing this information. 

Some companies are working directly with the authorities to catch criminals based on genealogy profiles and other companies have the sole interest of connecting family. Regardless of what company you went through, other relatives can put out information that may contain connections to your DNA. Always check the source. An alternative to genealogy testing is using a private investigator.  

Covert Results has the resources to reconnect family members. We have trained investigators that can use our technology to research your relatives. Giving a DNA sample is not necessary. You want to be sure relatives are real and connecting with you for positive reasons. Learning of new family members through these companies does not tell you their character. Let Covert Results not only connect you but show you that person’s character… or at least if they have a criminal past. Too many individuals are taken advantage of by long lost ‘family.’

Our mission is to give proven results to all of our clients. Let us be the connection between you and an unknown distant family member. This is a great alternative if you or family are not comfortable giving genetic information; for whatever the reason may be. For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please call, email, or visit our website.


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