Investigators are supposed to make the unknown known. We utilize our tools and knowledge to uncover information people may not want known. But what about the targets that don’t want their information known. Covert Results was recently contacted by a high profile client who needed advice on how to keep stalkers at bay. We have compiled a few ways to better keep yourself safe from potential stalkers. 

In Tennessee stalking is defined as willful conduct involving repeated harassment of someone that causes them to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed or molested. Covert Results investigators have been able to give many individuals piece of mind. However, in the event you believe you are being stalked you will need to contact police as soon as possible. A Police report will need to be made to keep record of the incident. If you are a Nashville resident you can always call the Metro Nashville Police Department non emergency number which is 615-862-8600. Safety is always of initial importance. 

Once you have established your imminent safety and a police report, an investigator can help gather information. In our experience, counter surveillance can be utilized to surveil the stalker while they may be following you. Our years of experience have taught our investigators to keep their whereabouts unknown to the stalker so we can gather photo and video evidence of the occurrence. This counter surveillance can better help your case get an order of protection put in place against the stalker. 

Our investigators are also well versed in the necessity of security. Having a security system in your home could keep your stalker at bay. Anything from a Ring doorbell to a full on security system could be beneficial to protect you and your loved ones. Covert Results has the ability to do atailored security assessment of your home, to better keep you safe based on your lifestyle, budget, etc. 

Covert Results will also ensure we know everything about your stalker prior to moving forward. A full comprehensive background check and social media search can tell us a lot about the target. However, if the target is unknown, the initial counter surveillance should uncover that information to better assist the police in your case.  Our investigators will also assist you with limiting your digital footprint to drive your safety. Covert Results Investigators have trained knowledge on how to keep your personal information protected in a technology driven world. If you believe you have a stalker, don’t wait until it’s too late. Call Covert Results.

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