One of the worst feelings is when you believe you’re being watched. Whether that’s via camera or someone stalking you; it’s always unsettling. Covert Results has had quite a few clients needing either counter surveillance or a search of their home for cameras/listening devices. If you believe you’re being stalked, here are some tips on how to handle the potential situation. 

The first step to dealing with a stalker is to try and identify who they may be. Once you’ve identified them, the best thing is; try to distance yourself from them. Also, stop using social media for everything. We are a society of sharing but what we sometimes fail to realize is social media can give your stalker knowledge of your exact whereabouts at specific times during the day. If possible, delete all your social media accounts. If that’s not possible, limit your use of the accounts. Do not tag yourself in specific locations or “check-in” online.  

Save text messages and all incoming call logs. If your stalker is contacting you via phone make sure you are saving that data. There are applications you can download that allow you to record your phone calls, if your stalker is calling you, try and record these phone calls. Next, try and gather evidence. This is where our Investigators at Covert Results can be a huge help. With your help, we can compile a file of all the evidence you have on your stalker. You should include emails, text messages, call logs, photographs of gifts, anything you have received from your stalker.

Finally, tell others. Tell other members in your family what is happening. Make sure someone you trust knows where you are at all times. If you’ve tried to cut ties with your stalker and they still persist, contact the police immediately.

Covert Results can help try and figure out who this person is if you are unaware of their identity. Our investigators have the ability to run counter-surveillance on these people to see what types of cars they’re driving, what they look like, and also where they go after stalking you. We have access to databases to better equip our investigators in finding these people to better help your case and make sure you know if this person is dangerous. If you or a loved one is having an issue, please give us a call!

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