When it comes to hiring a professional for a job, we usually go through the same steps. This is no different when hiring a Private Investigator. You are hoping for a trained professional to get the job done right and in a timely manner. But those are not the only things to check before hiring a private investigator. Covert Results has compiled a list of tips to make it easier for you to decide who you should hire. 

Starting out, Tip One is to get a referral. Word of mouth is very powerful. Covert Results encourages all of our clients to be sure and leave a review based on their experience with us. Learning from past clients is a good way to know how the company works and what to expect in regards to professionalism and the discretion they have with each case. This can even be as easy as reading the Google reviews.

Tip Two is to check their licensing. Private Investigators need to make sure their licensing is up to date. This ensures your investigator is following the required rules. Knowing they’re willing to keep their licenses up to date can show they’re willing to put in the work on your case as well. 

Tip Three is to check their education and experience. It is always good to know the background of your private investigator. Make sure you ask if they have ever worked on cases like yours before and what other types of cases they have work. Covert Results is made up of retired police officers ranging in a background of homicide detectives, narcotics detectives, and specialized military professionals. This adds up to decades of experience in the investigating field and many cases to back it up. Be sure your investigators can have about the same credentials. 

Tip Four is to consider their insurance. Covert Results is also a professional armed security company. We hold insurance policies to be able to cover many large events in the Nashville area. When hiring a company making sure their policy matches your needs can be a big help. 

Tip Five is to refer to their confidentiality. Be sure the company you’re using is willing to use complete discretion when working your case. Covert Results have many big name cases of which get the exact same level of professionalism as the rest of our clients. Confidentiality is our top priority. No one but those on our team, our clients, and their attorney will have access to the information gained through the investigation process. Be sure whoever you’re hiring can say the same. 

Tip Six is to get a contract. This is a good rule for everyone in the client/investigator relationship. This ensures you’re aware of the work to be done by the private investigator along with their rates. Be sure to read through the contract and it is laid out in a plain english contract. Covert Results uses a no-nonsense contract for all of our clients. We also make sure the ability to review the contract and sign it are able to be done via email. 

Finally, Tip Seven is to prepare yourself for what may be found. Private Investigators are in the business of digging up the truth. Make sure the truth is what you’re prepared to hear. Covert Results has uncovered many things. Some that relieve people and some that can really hurt. We encourage you, prior to hiring an investigator, to make sure this is something you want to know.

Covert Results as a private investigating and professional armed security company does the very best for our clients every day. We want all those that are thinking of using someone in the private investigating industry to be aware of what they should look for in hiring an investigator. Hopefully the tips listed can aid you in your search. For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please call, email, or visit our website. 615-861-1680, contact@covertresults.com, or CovertResults.com.

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