Investigators only have one goal: to find the truth. Facts can’t change based on your feelings. Have you ever wondered how we get to that truth? Covert Results Private Investigators have years of experience and have put together strategies to better get to the truth. 

Even in ancient times people have had their methods of finding the truth. In about 500 BC, priests of ancient India would suss out thieves by sooting the tails of donkeys and putting them in dark tents. The suspected thieves were advised to enter the tent and pull the tail of the donkey. If the donkey brayed, the accused’s guilt would be confirmed. If the accused left the tent with clean hands free of soot, the priests would know he had not pulled the donkey tail out of fear of being revealed as a thief. Since pulling donkey’s tails is not scientific and probably frowned upon, people have worked out other strategies such as The Reid Technique. 

The Reid Technique involves three components: factual analysis, interviewing, and interrogation. This approach is more of an assessment of the accused as a whole based on information learned. Next is a non-accusatory question/answer session. These questions are a combination of standard investigative questions and structured ‘behavior-provoking’ questions. This type of questioning pushes the investigation to the interrogation stage if necessary. The Reid Technique is only one of the strategies Covert Results has utilized in their time as officers and investigators. 

The most effective tool an  investigator has is the fact they are no longer law enforcement. Knowing this, victims or witnesses may feel they can speak more freely, giving information they may not have wanted to reveal otherwise. Investigators can have more of a conversation rather than a full interrogation. Each of our Investigators have been trained to push conversation style questions while maintaining verbal judo control of the situation. 

Verbal judo is a way to maintain a conversation and redirect a once hostile interview into a cooperative one. Having our investigators maintain this type of professionalism when communicating with witnesses, clients, or even defendants can help mitigate the case. The better someone knows how to communicate, the more likely they are to get to the answer being sought. Covert Results investigators are well versed in these tactics and practice them daily. Our experience and knowledge truly sets us apart from our competitors. Just look at our reviews!

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