During one of our Covert Results team meetings, I asked for blog ideas. One of the investigators said, “Why don’t you write a blog on why you started Covert Results?” Well, everyone has a story, so here goes. My “Why” was even more solidified when I got this text last night. It read, “I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you are giving my family and I to work for you and this company. This is by far one of the best companies I have ever worked for. Thank you, sir.” 

2017 was not the year. My Dad passed away, my overtime pay was taken from me while I grieved, I got skipped on a promotional list, was exposed to Fentanyl during an undercover buy, and then I tore my ACL in two. But that was just the first half of the year. Just when I thought things were looking up, boom! Here we go again…our supervisor of the narcotics unit was arrested for stealing money. As if it couldn’t get much worse, the Lieutenant told us that our entire team was being punished for the action of our Sergeant. Doesn’t make sense, right!? Guess what happened to the supervisors who were supposed to supervise the Sergeant…. well nothing! One week before Christmas, 2017 a team of 10 talented individuals, over 100 years of narcotics experience was dissolved and replaced by (mostly) rookies. 

I remember looking at the team and telling them, “I’m never coming back.” I didn’t know exactly what my plan was, I just knew that the way I had been treated for the last year was unacceptable. I said to myself, “I can be miserable or I can do something about it.” And Covert Results was born.

Since I was asked to return to duty early, before my knee was entirely rehabbed, it was a shock when the unit was suddenly forced back into patrol. I had made up my mind, I wasn’t giving another ounce of effort to that police department and besides, I couldn’t run anyway. In almost 11 years with the Metro Nashville Police Department I had taken one sick day, and that was in 2008. I used my plethora of sick days in an attempt to fully rehab my knee (Note: It still isn’t right) and devise a plan. I was dedicated and loved the job but the actions of a few ruined it for me. I wasn’t going to spend another day in “timeout.” I wasn’t going to be bored any longer.

In February 2018 I sent an email to my immediate supervisor. Simply put, “This is my formal notification that in two weeks I plan to separate from the Metro Nashville Police Department. The last decade has been an amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunity.” Or it went something like that. 

On March 10, 2018 just a few days after what should have been my Dad’s 67th birthday, I launched Covert Results, LLC a private investigations and security firm based in Nashville, Tennessee. I had a simple vision; work hard to grow a million-dollar company. Sounds easy right? 

Nearly three years is in the rearview mirror and I am now leading a dynamic team of ten licensed investigators with over 100 years of combined investigative experience. Today, we also have more than 40 certified and highly qualified armed security officers, all of which are law enforcement and/or military trained. 

The chip on my shoulder represents how some doubted me as a leader. I intend to keep it there as a reminder and as fuel to show the naysayers that I can do this! Oh, and we’ve already hit that magic number I set out to achieve, and there’s no turning back! I know my Dad would be proud. 

-Robert “Bobby” Young, Founder & CEO of Covert Results

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