Did you know Covert Results isn’t just one of the top private investigation firms in Nashville, but also a highly-rated armed security company? We understand the importance of finding the right security company, so we did some research and found out what sets Covert Results apart from the rest. When looking for armed security services, be sure to conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, compare overall offerings, and check out the company’s “About Us” page. Too many security companies in Nashville lack transparency about their staff and ownership, but we promise to give you an inside look at what makes Covert Results stand out among the competition.

At Covert Results, we always get it right. Our officers are all trained and certified, with a background in law enforcement and/or the military. In our industry, experience and the ability to handle high-pressure situations can mean the difference between life and death. You can trust us to handle any situation with skill and precision.

As the highest-rated 5-star locally owned and operated company on Google, we have the experience and expertise you can trust. As a family-run business with a total of 75 years of law enforcement experience, we offer unparalleled service and peace of mind. 

Discover the secret behind Covert Results’ top-notch team of over 150 skilled armed officers. Unlike other companies, Covert Results doesn’t rely on job boards or online hiring platforms. All their officers were brought in by glowing recommendations and word of mouth. That’s how you know they’re the real deal.

Covert Results owners and operators have surrounded themselves by like-minded business owners and leaders doing amazing things for the Middle Tennessee economy. We prioritize learning, growth, and fostering a healthy company culture with open communication. 

Our proven frameworks and processes, crafted and implemented by successful mentors, ensure steady growth and remarkable stability. With us, you can achieve peace of mind! 

At Covert Results, we abide by all state and federal laws, staying up-to-date on both new and old regulations while keeping meticulous training records and licenses. Our skilled armed officers take their duty to preserve lives with the utmost seriousness.

Covert Results has one price! We do not conduct unarmed security services so we have one rate for booking our armed officers. When you do so, just know you will be getting a professional armed security officer that has law enforcement and/or military experience. 

Covert Results is the premier private investigations, armed security, cyber security, and training company you’ve been searching for. Our team of highly skilled experts has amassed over 100 years of experience in all fields, from investigations to security concerns. Being a member and working within a global network called The Entrepreneurs Organization allows us to provide excellent service anywhere on Earth – truly bringing peace of mind through our world class services! Be sure to follow @CovertResults across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for the latest information regarding investigator expertise as well as lighthearted moments shared by our community! If you need us to guide you to that peace of mind you are looking for, call or text 615-861-1680 or email contact@covertresults.com.