If you were to close your eyes and think for a solid 30 seconds back to a time when you were about 10 years old. That is about the age when you may know what you really want to be when you grow up. Is it a doctor, a lawyer, or a professional athlete that you wanted to be when you grew up? If your brain is turning thinking back to a time when you decided exactly what you wanted to be. There is no doubt in our mind at Operation Rose that NO ONE had the thought of growing up and being trafficked. One’s dignity is absolutely stripped every single day; their mind and body totally violated, all at the hands of a criminal enterprise for pleasure and money. 

At Operation Rose we are big on speaking from experience. How else can you speak intelligently about a certain topic if you do not have training and experience around the issue. Founder & President Robert Young spent more than a decade with the Metro Nashville Police Department dismantling large trafficking organizations. Many times, no one, not even the media would know about the great work the specialized units were doing to better the Nashville community. Director of Training Jason Mayo has been there, done that! Jason was with the Metro Nashville Police Department for more than 23 years where he finally retired as a Detective in the Human Trafficking unit and a certified expert in human trafficking. Jason is one of a kind and has all of the real stories to tell. 

Robert and Jason knew of many great organizations that focused on human trafficking, but they felt none of them specifically focused on training the industry where they knew this horrible crime was occurring… hospitality. Hotels and motels in your community are targeted every day by traffickers who are using humans at their disposal. Many choose to ignore it, but at Operation Rose we are dedicated to stopping this problem. 

Operation Rose’s mission is to educate and create actionable solutions to preventing and combating human trafficking in Tennessee. Thus far, we have done just that! Operation Rose has been dedicated since day one and has now trained over 500 people, including hotels, motels, and high schools on how to recognize the signs and indicators related to human trafficking. Operation Rose will give confidence to the audience on how to recognize and report this horrific crime. 

On Friday September 16, 2022 Operation Rose will be hosting its first annual fundraising gala event. This elegant event will not only educate those in attendance, but will encourage everyone to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. The gala event will be located at 1Hotel Nashville located at 710 Demonbreun St, Nashville, TN 37203. If you want to help your community, educate children, and put a stop to human trafficking visit join us on September 16, 2022, to secure your seat Click HERE. For more information on how you can get involved and for sponsor opportunities Click HERE.

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