It was a hot, steamy morning when I looked outside and noticed there was some crabgrass growing in my lawn. I work so hard to get that lawn nice and green, but these damn weeds just keep growing. I knew what I had to do, and that was kill it with chemicals. So off I went to Home Depot to get a specific product that works well on my lawn. 

When I arrived the parking lot was desolate, maybe 15 cars in the parking lot. Probably because it was 7 AM and most people were still in bed. I head straight to the lawn and garden section to look for the special spray. I had a little trouble finding it, but this young man wearing his bright orange apron pointed me to the product. I grab two bottles, because apparently the crabgrass is planning a complete takeover. I head towards the self-checkout and I begin scanning my items. I insert my credit card and when it prompts me to remove it, I take my receipt. Over my shoulder I hear someone say, “Did you check him out?” 

As I turn and stroll out with my weed killer there is one guy in front of me, hell it was the only guy around! Going off instincts I sense something is not right. I keep my distance, but follow the man through the parking lot. He quickly loads his box containing an expensive leaf blower, jumps in the car and speeds off through the parking lot. The good news is I whipped out my iPhone and got some great shots of this man and his getaway vehicle. I wasn’t exactly sure if he had in fact stolen the merchandise, so I went back inside to speak to the kid that I thought said, “Did you check him out.” 

I asked, “Did that guy just steal that box.” He said, “Yep…it happens all the time.” Man, I was pissed. Not only did the guy leave his buggy right in the middle of the parking lot, but he also stole an expensive item from the store. The thief never even broke a sweat. I told the kid, “Look, I am a retired officer and now own a PI & Security company, so I got some pictures for you.” Not only did I provide the cashier with the pertinent info, but I utilized a trusted database available to law enforcement and licensed investigators, to query the license plate for Home Depot. Within seconds I had all the information needed to pursue charges. Did I mention I cannot stand thieves?! 

What was interesting is the cashier said, “Maybe he is a repeat offender and we will just put him in the database.” “What?,” I asked. “Well, when people steal things from the store we just put it in a database.” Wow! I mean I knew this, but just couldn’t believe in the moment that the store could give two shits about the hundreds of dollars they just lost. I believe the average person is aware that thefts occur from stores, but do you really know how often?

Organized retail crime cost retailers nearly $778,000 per $1 billion in sales in 2018, an all-time high, according to a National Retail Federation survey. Nearly 3 in 4 retailers reported an increase over the previous 12 months. The 2018 survey included information from 66 retailers. During the first three quarters of 2019, Home Depot reported that an increase in “shrink” hurt its financial results. These numbers can be controlled just by adding in a physical security presence to deter these types of crimes.

At Covert Results we aim to solve problems. Well, organized retail crime prevention and apprehension can save you and your company millions! From conducting security assessments to deter the criminal element, to consulting on camera systems including facial recognition, and even conducting a full investigation by tracking potential suspects and working parallel with local authorities, Covert Results has you covered. WIth over 100 years of law enforcement and investigative experience combined, we are confident you can trust in our judgement. 

Covert Results is a private investigations and armed security company with years of experience. Our team is a group of highly trained individuals who are well versed in all types of investigation matters. We now have a new dedicated office in Clarksville, located with Patton and Pittman, 101 N. Third Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. Covert Results is available to advise on how we could help your case, give pricing for the type of work you’re looking for, and even answer questions on how you could become a trained armed security officer. If you or your attorney find yourself asking about private investigations, professional armed security, or handgun training, please email, call, or visit our website.  615-861-1680

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