For a lot of people, including many potential clients, the appeal of a private investigator is the idea that they somehow operate outside the constraints of the law. They think cops and detectives are all snarled up in constitutional restraints and department policy and that PIs can go to almost any length to crack cases where the police have their hands tied. The reality is more complicated. Covert Results has the experience and knowledge for the rules and regulations for being a PI. 

It’s true that private investigators are not bound by some of the restrictions that courts and legislators have placed on law enforcement, but PIs don’t get any of the special powers that cops get, either. In most states, a PI can’t go any further than your average Joe when it comes to surveillance activities and digging up dirt. One thing that absolutely floors just about everybody who gets into this line of work is just how much personal information there is floating around out there for anyone to look at. If you’ve never done a Google search on your own name or email address, go ahead and give it a try. However, those that are trying to become a private investigator need to know the limitations of their license. 

If your state offers PI licenses, one thing you better do is get one. Not only will that little card get you out of trouble when someone calls the cops on you while on a stakeout, but taking the time to get it will teach you things you need to know to keep out of trouble in the first place. To be able to obtain your PI license in Tennessee you can review our blog here or go to Covert Results owner, Robert Young, has done an interview with about his time on the police department and then transitioning to become private investigator. If being a PI is something you are interested in, be sure you are well versed in the rules and regulations of your state!

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