Attorney’s have a large caseloads. Each lawyer is expected to give their all for each client, but sometimes the tasks required to fully work a case can become too much. The best thing an attorney can do to help their caseload is hire a Private Investigator. Covert Results works a wide variety of Private Investigation cases. A large portion of those cases come to us through appointed attorneys in various criminal courts around Middle Tennessee. Additionally, we are hired to consult on private criminal cases when individuals are able to hire their own counsel.

Whether the case is appointed or private, we are able to accomplish the goals of attorneys and their clients through our investigative work. All criminal cases need similar review to ensure that a fair trial is being conducted. With the assistance of a Covert Results Private Investigator, this is made possible. Our investigators have Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice/Military backgrounds that allow us to see the case from all angles. We are skilled interviewers and have a keen eye for detail.

When Covert Results is hired to assist with a criminal case, we will provide the extra review needed to ensure proper adjudication of the case. We can review paper discovery, compile a list of witnesses that may need to be interviewed or re-interviewed. Additionally, we will visit suspected crime scenes, track down additional evidence and make sure that no stone goes unturned when gathering the necessary information. Making sure the client is involved and kept informed is also an important aspect of each case and we will make sure each individual is made aware of their case status.

The open communication and detailed case reports are what really set Covert Results Investigators apart from other investigative firms. We, as a company,are an insurance policy for the attorney to push their case and achieve their goals. Our investigators go through and highlight the strengths and weaknesses throughout a case and make sure everything is properly documented. Each of the reports are easy to follow and every attorney has access to our findings every step of the way. Let us help you and your client reach the goals of your case. 

Covert Results is a private investigations and armed security company with years of experience. Our team is a group of highly trained individuals who are well versed in all types of investigation matters. We now have a new dedicated office in Clarksville, located with Patton and Pittman, 101 N. Third Street, Clarksville, TN 37040. Covert Results is available to advise on how we could help your case, give pricing for the type of work you’re looking for, and even answer questions on how you could become a trained armed security officer. If you or your attorney find yourself asking about private investigations, professional armed security, or handgun training, please email, call, or visit our website.  615-861-1680

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