Did you see the latest story on the break-in in Nashville? Suspects are on the loose after breaking into Bass Pro Shop at Opry Mills. They stole what was described as a ‘small arsenal’ according to Fox 17 Nashville News. It appeared they threw a blunt object through the front door to gain access. The suspects then entered the massive outdoor store and went directly for what they wanted; firearms. 

The topic of security is one Covert Results takes very seriously. Break-ins, like the one mentioned, mean firearms are in dangerous hands. They’re being sold for pennies on the dollar and are even being used in the commission of crimes. If you are a store owner that deals or sells firearms; here are some options to keep your cargo safe: 

  1. Hire professional armed security to watch over your property 

2. That’s it… 

Did it seem like a short list? That’s because it is. Having that type of presence on your property is the best known deterrent to meet these criminals head on. We agree that having cameras on your property is a legal necessity. However, in the course of a crime, cameras are REACTIVE not PROACTIVE. In the Bass Pro break-in mentioned, these criminals were all wearing masks. Someone may be able to identify the suspects by clothing alone but this could have been prevented. If you are a business owner with firearms, it is your responsibility for their safe keeping. Even if you are the average gun owner, your firearm needs to stay under your watch. Do not keep your firearm in plain view in your vehicle or easily accessible when it is out of your immediate possession. If you do keep your firearm in your vehicle be sure you LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS. You can be the one that helps keep others safe.

Covert Results prides ourselves on keeping the community safe in more ways than one. Whether we’re giving advice on how to better your safety or actually out there keeping you safe, this is a big topic for us. Seeing break-in stories that could have been prevented with professional armed security drives us to better share our expertise. Think of how we could help prevent incidents like the one at Bass Pro! For a consultation on private investigations, professional armed security or handgun training please call, email, or visit our website.

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