Businesses are especially vulnerable to burglary, property damage, and illegal entries. Many are closed at night, making them attractive targets for criminals. The presence of a security officer provides deterrence and increases the chances of a crime being stopped and the perpetrators caught.

A security officer may be necessary if your business is located in a high crime or isolated area, you are losing inventory to retail theft, there are safety concerns (like unruly employees), or alcohol is served on premises.

High Crime or Isolated Areas

Businesses in high crime areas often become the low hanging fruit for burglars, vandals, and trespassers. They know the police are busy and witnesses are less likely to call authorities when a crime is in progress. This presents them with the opportunity for a quick score that costs your business dearly.

Alarms, barred windows, and sophisticated locks are often not enough. They may deter opportunists, but career criminals know how to bypass these security features and make off with your property. The presence of an armed security officer will stop even the most brazen criminals. 

The presence of an officer shows that your business is a hard target. In addition, an officer will bring the police into the situation and may become a witness who identifies the perpetrators. Armed officers also make rounds, so they detect when something is wrong, such as a door pried open, and summon the police to investigate.

Businesses that are isolated also need armed security officers. Whether they are a factory in an unpopulated part of a city or a rural business, isolated businesses are tempting targets for thieves and vandals. When an armed security officer is on duty, your business is no longer an easy target. It is protected, and most criminals will stay away.

Losing Too Much Inventory to Retail Theft

Retailers lose billions annually due to “shrinkage”. The majority of the losses are due to employee thefts. If shoplifting and employee theft have become a problem for your store, a security officer is a worthwhile investment. While cameras deter some thefts, they rarely stop a clever and experienced shoplifter. Employees also know where the cameras are, so they can easily commit thefts without being noticed.

A security officer turns the tables on thieves. Shoplifters know they are being watched and that a security officer can identify them to police and intervene to stop the theft. Covert Results officers are trained to deescalate the situation and ensure safety of all patrons and employees. Potential employee thieves also know thefts will be investigated, and a security officer can take steps to ensure that employees have no access to inventory in areas without security cameras.

Safety Concerns

Many businesses have concerns about the safety of employees, visitors, and customers. Hiring a security officer alleviates these concerns. Whether the safety hazard revolves around workplace violence, customer security, or unauthorized access, a security officer keeps your premises safe. Covert Results has worked at numerous establishments to protect workers from a recently terminated employee. This is just one example of how Covert Results armed officers were useful to ensure safety of those at the business. 

Alcohol Being Served on Premises

Alcohol always increases the chances of injuries, property destruction, and thefts. Inebriated people may engage in violent conduct or commit petty crimes. Bars, concerts, sporting events, and any other places where alcohol is served need to be prepared for drunken misconduct. Security officers serve as a deterrent to bad behavior and can remove troublesome drunks. Covert Results officers have worked proudly to help deter incidents at The Estate at Cherokee Dock. Our officers have been able to keep patrons safe along with completing detailed reports in the event there is an incident. 

When hiring a security company,  business owners need to ensure the security company has the right knowledge and certifications. Covert Results has officers with elite training in dealing with unruly patrons and how to safely remove people from the premises. Our officers have the experience to be an asset to anyone’s business who decides armed security is a necessity. 

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