The end of summer is near, tax free weekend has come and gone, and our children are itching to get back to school. The top priority for every school over the summer has been to implement a security plan that includes having an armed officer in their school. Covert Results has now signed on with a dozen private and charter schools in the Middle Tennessee area. Our Officers at Covert Results certainly did not rest over the summer, rather trained on multiple days on active shooter training and school resource officer training. 

In this article Covert Results has compiled a list of security related items that should be addressed before the back to school bell rings. 

Develop a Security Plan
The first step is to develop a comprehensive security plan which is essential for protecting students, teachers, and staff. Security is an ongoing process, so regularly review and update the security plan to adapt to new threats and changes within the organization.

Conduct a Security Assessment
A systematic evaluation of a school’s security measures and practices is paramount. The purpose is to identify vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and potential threats within the school grounds, information systems, physical infrastructure, personnel practices, camera angles, operational procedures, and more. The assessment is conducted to assess the overall security posture of the school and to determine how effectively it can protect students, teachers, and staff from various security risks. Ensure you hire an expert like Covert Results to conduct a thorough assessment of your school. 

Hire an Armed Security Officer
If your children are not in a public school, then they may not be awarded with a regular school resource officer from the local police department. If not, then a contract security company with quality officers with prior law enforcement and/or military experience are crucial to ensure that the armed officer can act under a stressful situation to protect students, teachers, and staff. Some of the advantages of armed security officers include: Deterrence, Rapid Response, Enhanced Security Measures, Specialized Training, Medical Training, and more. All of these will absolutely provide students, teachers, staff, and parents Confidence and Peace of Mind! 

Upgrade Your Surveillance System
Cameras are great. They are a must. They are reactive, but very necessary to be paired with the physical security element. Make certain that school cameras are up to date and are strategically placed to capture any potential threats. Many camera companies like Herring Technology can install state of the art equipment including facial recognition technology. 

Secure Entrances and Exits
Access control is huge! The policies and procedures set in place need to be strictly followed when it comes to students, staff, teachers, vendors, parents, and others coming in and out of the school. The school should have a “check in” and “check out” process that is airtight. Each entrance and exit needs to be monitored with a camera. 

Implement Active Shooter Training
On July 1, 2023 Governor Lee signed a new TN law that stated any armed officer working on school grounds must have active shooter training. As Covert Results has been featured in the local media about their training, it’s obvious they take it very seriously. Active shooter training needs to be taught by experts and professionals like Brink Fidler, owner of Defend Systems. 

Upgrade Your Communication System
The only way to get an instant message out to the entire school without relying on cellular devices is an intercom system. Make certain your school has a communication system in place and it is up to date and working properly. An emergency notification system and code words can be used to announce potential threats, issues, or emergencies. 

Medical Kits and First Aid
More than 400 people were shot during the mass casualty event at a music festival in Las Vegas in October 2017. Unfortunately 60 people did not survive. But, more than 340 people did survive a high caliber gunshot wound. Thanks to quick thinking and life saving tools such as tourniquets and chest seals, these people are alive today. The point is, anyone can save a life with a little training and a medical kit. For medical kits that can save lives, click HERE!

This list is certainly not everything that should be addressed when it comes to securing a school, but rest assured that if you can check all of these boxes above, then you have a plan in place! 

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