Just last week Federal law enforcement officials warned of an explosion of “sextortion” cases targeting teenagers and young boys, saying the online schemes have been linked to at least 12 suicides this year.

In a news release, the FBI and the Justice Department said a large portion of the sextortion crimes originate in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast and are driven by “financial gain,” not sex — a fact that a Justice Department official said makes this trend different from other child exploitation crimes that have historically been motivated by sexual attraction to minors.

In the past year, authorities have received more than 7,000 reports related to sextortion. 

Sextortion does not only happen to teenagers and children, but also high profile people in the community — such as business owners, and the rich and famous.

Story time…

One day, a Nashville attorney called the Covert Results office and asked us to come saying he has someone who was being sextorted.

The client, who is a business owner, explained he hosted a party at his residence, drinking and having a good time. Such a good time that some people ended up naked and unbeknownst to him — resulted in a series of nude pictures of himself. 

The next day, a couple of females present at the party sextorted him, bombarding with threatening text messages. “I will put your pictures all over the internet.” “I’ll call your business partners,” the text read. Basically trying to destroy and embarrass him. As an initial solution, the client ended up paying them cash in a parking lot. A terrible decision, but occurred nonetheless. Luckily, the client was able to obtain a tag number on the car driven by these criminals. 

It went from the female culprits, to a male culprit texting the client saying: “I own them, you should be paying me the money.” Demanding a cash sum of $10,000.

Covert Results then acted fast on the investigation. We ran the tag in one of our databases that are only available for private investigators, as well as doing online and social media investigation. From that, we were able to get the identity of the culprits who were likely sextorting the client. Local authorities were contacted, however they were unavailable to assist in the fast moving case. 

We had a sit down talk with the male culprit explaining the federal laws regarding sextortion. If there will be any more contact from him to the client– the client will press charges. The culprit ended up apologizing profusely and that the client would never hear from him again.

This was a successful case where Covert Results were able to use private investigation skills and armed security services skills to combat the client’s sextortion problem.

Don’t waste time communicating with people trying to blackmail you. If you want answers, contact law enforcement and Covert Results.

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