Covert Results has been tasked with trying to find people from all walks of life. Many believe they could do this on their own, but where does one start if the target is not on social media? Covert Results knows just how to gather the information you’re needing. 

This is an analysis put forth by experts on identifying unusual social media platforms and scraping the internet for information, including general web references on the subject in question.  These searches can benefit clients from different industries, including the need of a social media investigation for a court case, custody battle, or as simple as a background investigation. Obtaining information through these investigations on a specific individual can be challenging, as the subject in question may very well not be affiliated with any accounts/profiles. This includes Facebook, Twitter and other platforms utilized by the majority of people.  Our diverse group of investigators are experts in these circumstances and have several different approaches when facing this problem.  In general, when conducting a social media investigation, everyone that is affiliated with the subject in question will also be canvassed in terms of their social media accounts.  

Once we have utilized our database search we can move on to other information. We start with relatives and known associates. During social media investigations, it is most important to identify who is affiliated with the subject in question. This is important because we are still able to locate and identify them through a significant-other or even a relative.  In most cases, when dealing with individuals of older age, who are more than likely not involved with any social media, we look further into the children or siblings.  These approaches can shed light on the subject in question, not only do we know now what this individual looks like, but more importantly, what do their activities consist of?

Next we can consider their employer and workplace. Although going directly to conducting surveillance on their work would give us some information, websites/additional social media pages could tell us more. Many employers in today’s world have Facebook accounts and others forms of social media, as a way to advertise. This becomes useful to us as private investigators since it is an alternate avenue we can take and locate images or information on the subject in question.  An example here would be an individual who is a teacher, if they are not associated with any social media platforms, they can more than likely be located through the Facebook or Twitter account of the school.

Finally, another view not considered is an average website search. Our expert investigators can truly comb through any information discovered. Although this information may be old and might not give information on an individual’s day to day lifestyle, it can still give you a sense of their character, places they may frequent, or other associates to look into. If you’re needing to find someone without social media, let Covert Results give it a try!

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