Scams are becoming more elaborate every day. It can happen to anyone. The best thing someone can do is be prepared. Part of being prepared could be familiarizing yourself with the scams going around in your area. Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) put everyone on notice of a new scam that Covert Results had first hand experience trying to resolve. 

According to the article posted by News Channel 5, this “spoofing” scam will make calls from an MNPD phone number. These calls are going to random citizens and accusing them of sending sexually explicit photos to a minor. The caller poses as an MNPD employee and tells the individuals the “family of the minor” will not press charges if they pay money. The criminals putting on this rouse are researching Metro employees to corroborate their demands. Metro Nashville has stated they, nor any of their personnel will call to demand money or personal information. Such calls have also happened to our Covert Results team. 

We received a call from a female asking if a certain gentleman worked for our company as he was demanding money from her. Upon further research we found his phone number and called the impersonator. Since confronting the situation, the phone number is no longer working. Just as MNPD, the caller was pretending to work as an investigator. Should you receive any calls from the police department or a private investigator demanding money or personal information, here are a few ways to handle spoofing phone calls. 

MNPD suggests not answering calls from unknown or blocked phone numbers. Since jobs require most to answer unknown numbers, be sure to hang up immediately and call Covert Results. We have the ability to review the number, call it, and interview whoever is calling. Be sure not to hit any buttons as scammers usually will try to get you to say or confirm personal information that could be recorded. If the caller claims to be from a government agency or particular company, hang up immediately and call your known local number for said office or business. Finally, be sure you’re utilizing blocking services on your phone. You can also check out robo-call blocking services to minimize these scams. If you have fallen victim to one of these scams give us a call! Covert Results has the ability to investigate and possibly find out who is be behind this spoof!

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