Your coach was right – you must be ready for the ball before it reaches your glove. It’s easy to overlook, but having a plan of action can help make sure that no matter what comes your way, you will handle it competently and decisively. When playing baseball or softball this means knowing whether to simply throw to first or turn a double play; when surveying an area, understanding ahead-of-time what objectives are hoped to be achieved from the information collected ensures everything runs smoothly upon execution. Don’t let yourself get caught off guard! If you plan to hire a private investigator for surveillance then plan strategically and stay one step ahead by deciding in advance exactly how any situation should be best handled. You must follow a process to determine your overall goal and communicate this to the investigative team handling your case. In this blog, Covert Results will cover the basics of surveillance and how it benefits many clients with a favorable outcome. 

The specific methods used can vary depending on the situation, the client’s needs, and local laws and regulations. Here are some steps a PI might take:

  1. Identify the purpose of the surveillance: Determine why you need to conduct surveillance, and what information you hope to obtain. This will help you choose the appropriate surveillance methods and tools.

  2. Gather information: Before conducting surveillance, the PI will need to gather as much information as possible about the subject, including their routines, activities, and locations.

  3. Choose surveillance methods: The PI will select the most appropriate surveillance methods for the situation, such as physical surveillance (i.e., following the subject in person), electronic surveillance (i.e., using cameras or other technology), or a combination of both.

  4. Plan the operation: The PI will develop a plan for how the surveillance will be conducted, including where and when to conduct it, how to blend in with the environment, and what equipment to use.

  5. Conduct the surveillance: The PI will carry out the surveillance operation according to the plan, taking care to remain inconspicuous and avoid detection by the subject or others.

  6. Record observations: During the surveillance, the PI will take detailed notes and possibly use audio or video recording equipment to document the subject’s activities and behavior.

  7. Analyze the data: After the surveillance, the PI will review and analyze the data collected, looking for patterns, anomalies, or other information that can be used to support the client’s case and write a detailed case report to assist your attorney in the case.

Story Time…

During a lengthy workers comp case from 2022, Covert Results investigators started with the basic 7 step process mentioned above. The first, and most important discovery was that during the intel gathering process investigators determined that the target recently moved across town. Once all the information was gathered on the purpose of the surveillance and the target, we put a plan in place to guide the client to win! Covert Results was able to utilize a remote camera along with three surveillance investigators deployed over the course of two weeks. Well, it didn’t even take that long for the target to mess up. Conducting hand to hand transactions in parking lots and returning to the local motel for a short time before leaving… Well, we all know what happened there. But how do you articulate that? Well out of the 18 licensed private investigators with Covert Results, five (5) are considered subject matter experts when it comes to narcotics use and hand to hand transactions. These expert investigators can take the stand in your case and articulate the observations and why, just as they did in this case.  

It is important to note that conducting surveillance can be a complex and sensitive process, and it is essential to follow all applicable laws and ethical principles, such as respecting the privacy of individuals and avoiding the use of surveillance for discriminatory purposes. You as the client should never attempt surveillance on your own. The client cannot be a credible and unbiased witness when it comes to conducting surveillance on their own. And trust us…it is really hard unless you know what you are doing. Leave it to the experts at Covert Results. 

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