“I’ve never done this before” is something Covert Results hears on a daily basis. When potential clients are calling to gather information on hiring a private investigator, specifically requesting a surveillance investigator, they often say that they have no idea where to start and that they have never turned to a private investigator as a guide in their relationship. During the initial consultation Covert Results will listen to the client and identify the problem. A plan will be set forth and it will be up to the client to put the plan in motion so it brings them results. 

When hiring a private investigator to conduct surveillance on an individual, ask yourself one question: Can you follow someone by yourself, all alone, keeping up with a speeding car through Nashville traffic? This is just one factor that plays into the surveillance operation. There are also many other things to consider, such as: equipment, having a common car, communications with other surveillance investigators, and the overall comradery among the team to get the job done. Many of the Covert Results investigators worked with the Specialized Investigations Division of the Metro Nashville Police Department. Following a target was something that happened daily.

Being good at conducting surveillance is not the only trait that matters in a civil case. There are many different types of investigations where surveillance can be requested. The most common that people think about is infidelity or cheating. Other cases include: workers comp claims, fraud, asset investigations, drug dealing, non-competes, domestic and custody cases. At Covert Results we always recommend working with an attorney to ensure the intel and results we deliver are utilized towards the case and the overall goal of the client. 

Covert Results has been conducting quarterly surveillance training operations since the private investigations and security firm was established in early 2018. Based on experience, CEO Robert Young will draft various scenarios that cover an array of cases, like the ones mentioned above. Role players will participate in the activity by following a script to best educate the surveillance investigators. In 2022 Covert Results launched a surveillance training workshop that is available to all licensed private investigators or anyone interested in the surveillance field. Robert is a certified trainer and is an approved vendor with the State of Tennessee where the licensed investigator can receive 8 hours of continuing education to apply towards their renewal license. 

If you are a licensed investigator or just interested in learning more about conducting surveillance, all while attending the only in-person surveillance workshop in Nashville, Tennessee then visit Surveillanceworkshop.com to sign up for this hands-on workshop.

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