Catfish Task Force

A catfish is a person who sets up a false or fake profile on a social network or dating site for the purpose of deception and fraud. Generally speaking, the goal of the person who is creating the fake account— known as the catfish, is financial gain. 


In a recent sextortion blog posted by Covert Results, a lot of people got interested and reviewed the blog. We had multiple calls with individuals admitting that sextortion had happened to them. We know this is a problem all across the world, with AI and technology getting a lot better. People have to be more cautious about what kind of information they’re putting out on the internet.

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How To Prevent Spear Phishing

Spear Phishing is a type of phishing attack that targets people through malicious emails. It is more of an attack on a specific person as opposed to regular phishing emails that seem to be less sophisticated and more of a broad net. This typically targets high net-worth individuals, companies, and organizations – where a group of hackers constantly attempt to gain access to their networks and important information.

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