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Turn around and put your hands behind your back; you are under arrest! No one wants to hear those words, but face it, people get arrested every day. The police are employed by the government to protect their community by enforcing laws. Often, when someone is arrested, the investigation stops at that event. In more serious cases, a Detective would be tasked with following-up on any information related to the evidence gathered. It is up to the Detective to take that information, document, and inform.

Once the Detective has gathered all available evidence, it will be handed over to the district attorney’s office for proper prosecution. The district attorney prepares grand jury indictments and present the indictments or warrants to the grand jury. If the grand jury issues a true bill and grants the warrant then it becomes official. Now the arrested person must be arraigned in court. If this happens, then someone is probably in serious trouble!

While the prosecution (the district attorney) has the police department for its’ investigative purposes, the defense will need the services of a private investigator (PI). Interviewing witnesses, following individuals, writing detailed reports, or taking photographs are just a few examples of tasks that a PI may complete during an investigation. Getting to the bottom of the truth, all while maintaining a private and confidential investigation, is the goal.

A qualified PI will be licensed, insured, and have relevant training and experience. Investigators at Covert Results are highly skilled in areas that include: criminal, domestic relations, courtroom testimony, narcotics, overdose deaths, financial investigation, background checks, fraud, theft, asset recovery, missing persons, witness interviews, and others. Covert Results prides itself on attention to detail; leading to positive results.

The team at Covert Results has thousands of hours of training and decades of experience. For more information please contact an experienced professional at 615-861-1680,, or visit our website


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