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The funniest Southwest commercial that I have seen and my personal favorite begins with the setting of what appears to be a small hotel room where a male voice can be heard being interviewed in the darkness. The narrator says, “you are taking an enormous risk by speaking with us, so thank you.” The silhouette male voice figure says, “Of course.”

The narrator asks his first question; “What was the key to toppling this notorious crime ring?” The male investigator being interviewed begins to tell the news crew that he has been undercover for five years (hence why his face is not shown) and then, right in the middle of his answer the lights come on and the undercover agent’s identity is revealed. The camera then focuses on the embarrassed culprit, an intern. The intern walked in the room with coffee and turned the lights on, not realizing he just blew this guy’s cover and ruined the interview…wanna get away? The guilty party turns the light back off and backs out of the room slowly, probably knowing that he is going to be fired. This one gets me every time.

I can relate to this exact scenario because I have been a part of news interviews where the narrator is asking questions about narcotics or sensitive issues in the public. We sternly tell the camera man, under no circumstances do you show our face! Now, what about people that are not undercover detectives, but just want to disappear for an extended period of time, or forever.

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