At Covert Results Investigations and Security Firm, each day starts with a cup of coffee. There is “no tellin” why we were out late the night before, but I can promise you that it was something interesting. Some of the more recent cases that Covert Results has investigated have involved: cyber security, counter surveillance, child custody, vehicle theft, oh, and a jewelry heist. Everyday can be something different, and that’s what keeps our private investigators and security experts on their toes. 

A typical day with a private investigator could start off doing administrative work. It is imperative that reports are clear, concise, and completed in a timely manner. At Covert Results we demand this! Once reports and emails are complete, it’s time to move on to the next project. A new case likely deals with some level of digital forsensics. 

At Covert Results I can tell you that everyday there are investigators communicating with one another about one case or another. Having a skilled team of investigators, 15 and counting, makes Covert Results excel in many areas. Investigators are working together on cases and communicating with their clients and attorneys on a regular basis. After updating clients on a pending case it might be time to get into the field. 

“Boots on the ground” approach is how we at Covert Results refer to this. There are many great things an investigator can do from their computer and their office, but you must get out into the field to conduct a real investigation. If the case involves interviews, then the licensed private investigator will conduct a ‘knock and talk.’ This means that the investigator will visit physical locations, houses or apartments, in hopes of finding the person they intend to interview about the case. From here your day could be anything but “typical.” 

A private investigator may find themselves chasing down additional leads or talking to other people involved with the case. Or the investigator could be in for the long haul on a surveillance operation. At Covert Results we understand the meaning of “stay on your toes.” 

Covert Results is a licensed and insured private investigations and security company with over 100 years of experience. Our team of highly trained investigators and security experts are well versed in all types of investigations and security topics. With global connections through the Entrepreneurs Organization we are confident that peace of mind is in your future! For up to date information, experience shares, and laughs follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn @CovertResults